Canada isn't working: “Underutilization rate” hides true job loss numbers

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The new unemployment numbers are in and they're really bad — and probably much worse than the Liberal friendly mainstream media is letting on. 

The low end numbers are terrible enough.

CTV News reports that:

“The Canadian economy lost almost two million jobs in April, a record high, as the closure of non-essential services to slow the spread of COVID-19 forced businesses to shutter temporarily.

The loss of 1,993,800 comes on top of more than one million jobs lost in March, and millions more having their hours and incomes slashed,

The unemployment rate soared to 13 per cent, Statistics Canada reported, as the full force of the pandemic hit compared with 7.8 per cent in March.”

...In all, more than one-third of the labour force didn't work or had reduced hours in April, an “underutilization rate” that was more than three times higher than in February before the pandemic struck.”

Closer to home, here in Alberta, a place that used to struggle with labour shortages, it’s even worse than the national average.

New Statscan numbers show the Alberta jobless rate sit higher than the national average — 13.4 per cent in April from 8.7 per cent the month before.

Those numbers are horrifying. However in reality the unemployment rate is likely double or more than 13 percent. 

This week, we learned that 82% of Canadian virus deaths have been in institutional seniors' homes.

It’s time to quit quarantining the healthy and focus on the sick and the aged.

To sign our petition calling on our leaders and politicians to let us go back to our jobs, and save the businesses that we can, go to

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid


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