Canada's top health doc: Should've closed borders earlier

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Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, has finally admitted she failed to protect Canadians from the coronavirus by not advising cabinet to close the borders sooner.  

This is the report of the committee meeting in Blacklock's 

Cabinet waited too long to close the nation’s borders, Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam last night told the Commons health committee. Tam acknowledged foreign visitors should have been prohibited long before cabinet restricted travel. 

“I think that in hindsight, yes, I think people could act faster and maybe in the future we will take different decisions,” said Tam. The chief public health officer did not acknowledge the cabinet had acted on her advice. 

Cabinet did not ban foreign air passengers from landing in Canada under the Aeronautics Act until March 18, a week after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic. Cabinet closed the Canada-U.S. border to “non-essential” travel on March 21, a ban that remains in place, and did not invoke the Quarantine Act on visitors until March 26. 

“The virus itself traveled across the world very fast,” said Dr. Tam: “At that time, because there were very few cases, we were doing incremental measures.” 

“In retrospect and maybe looking forward, the world might be a very different place in terms of whether this kind of measure is enacted,” said Tam. “So, we will learn.”

Canadians don’t need to learn. They knew closing the borders to international travellers would stop the spread of the virus, and they were called racist by Tam for it.  

Tam’s officials also removed any reference to China from the health information given to international arrivals in Canadian airports. That was revealed in an earlier exclusive Rebel News investigation into Health Committee Meetings.  

Despite reports that the border is closed, flights from mainland China continue to arrive at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport all the time.  

If Tam had any shame, and felt any real responsibility for her bad calls and the deadly advice she gave to Canadians, she would resign and go away forever.  

To sign our petition calling on the government to remove incompetent Dr. Tam, please go to FireTam.Com 

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