Canadian female powerlifter speaks out after being targeted by woke mob

Meet April Hutchinson, Canada’s real-life Power Girl. Her not-so-super-villains consist of radical trans extremists – and those woefully woke wimps in charge who continually bend the knee to transanity.

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Holy heartbreak! London, Ont.-based champion powerlifter April Hutchinson is a sight to be had. Standing at 5’11 and festooned with muscles, she has captured 12 medals since she turned professional in 2021.

Her personal bests are very impressive indeed: squat: 402.3 lbs.; bench: 187.4 lbs.; deadlift: 496 lbs. She-Hulk, eat your heart out…

Speaking of comic book characters, Hutchinson is a dead ringer for Power Girl, a somewhat obscure DC character (even though Power Girl dons a costume that makes Wonder Woman’s togs resemble a nun’s habit. Power Girl is a Kryptonian (a la Superman), and her villains range from Dr. Psycho to Captain Nazi.

Speaking of psychos and Nazis, Hutchinson is under attack from both radical transgendered athletes (a.k.a., men pretending to be women) as well as the woke wimps who run institutions ranging from the Canadian Powerlifting Union to Museum London. These people collectively make for April Hutchinson’s Kryptonite; yet although they’ve been debilitating to her, they have not proven lethal.

First things first: when Hutchinson had the temerity to voice her concerns that fake females were competing against real biological women in powerlifting (and slaughtering them), her federation slapped her with a two-year (!) suspension. Apparently, it is offside in the sport of powerlifting to insult the sensibilities of gender-bending grifters.

As for Museum London, a recent exhibit featured Hutchinson. The trans mob complained – a collection of activists who routinely post misogynistic statements on social media. The museum agreed that Hutchinson is a so-called “transphobe”, and poof! – the exhibit was taken down. As for the vile misogyny being spouted by her attackers, oh well, what’re you gonna do?

In any event, April Hutchinson was one of the exhilarating speakers at last Friday’s International Women’s Day Celebration (subtitled: “Join us for real talk from today’s leading activists and commentators on women’s rights and protections.”)

At the celebration, Hutchinson was joined by other REAL women facing the wrath of cancel culture, including feminist Meghan Murphy and healthcare practitioner Amy Hamm. And while the Canadian Powerlifting Union and Museum London would prefer that April Hutchinson keep her mouth shut and just go away, that’s not going to happen. Hutchinson is one of the few outspoken Canadian athletes advocating for women’s safety and fair competition. And by doing so she has received media attention the world over.

Indeed, the last thing this real-life Canadian Power Girl would ever do is bend the knee. Put another way, April Hutchinson’s two favourite things to do are chew bubble gum and kick ass. And guess what, Canadian Powerlifting Union and Museum London? April’s fresh out of bubble gum…

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