CBC: Christmas cards, gift cards, wrapping paper are killing the earth

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Did you know that CBC has a dedicated environmentalist weekly newsletter called What on Earth? I did not but I do now.

I noticed it because this time of year I pay close attention to how grinchy the mainstream media is about Christmas. Every year, the media party finds new and inventive ways to make their dwindling readership feel bad about celebrating the birth of Jesus with their loved ones.

And CBC seems to lead the pack, this year and every year.

The headline on the lastest What on Earth post reads:

“The Gift Card Conundrum. Convenience with an Environmental Cost.

Giftrocket, a company that offers eCards estimates that each physical card contains about 5 grams of PVC and generates 21 g of CO2. That means in total gift cards created 10000 tons of PVC waste and 42000 tons of CO2 in the US. alone in 2014.”

Gift cards, once applauded because they don’t require any of the wrapping paper so loathed by environmentalists are now just a little too plasticky for the CBC.

Today I look back at the state broadcaster’s unrelenting war on Christmas joy, from constant scolding about the environmental damage being done by wrapping paper and Christmas cards to trotting out a teenage climate striker who laments that her family doesn’t respect her annoying low waste lifestyle.

Christmas used to be a Christian religious holiday before it was co-opted by the church of consumerism. Now, the secular consumerist festival the left wanted is being absorbed by the cult of climate change.

Merry Christmas and don’t let your Starbucks gift card kill us all.

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