Charges DROPPED for medically exempt mom arrested by B.C. TransLink officer

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Good news: a win on the side of freedom. One of our Fight The Fines cases, who could be one of the most egregious examples of discrimination against people who are unable to wear a mask that I’ve reported on yet, has had her criminal charges dropped!

Valerie Ann Foley, a single mother who tried to take B.C. TransLink home back in December, endured a horrific experience. Despite B.C.’s face covering mandate listing nine conditions that exempt people from wearing a mask, TransLink Officer Peter Kwok refused to accept Foley’s repeated claims of being medically exempt. Taking Foley at her word would have been the approach supported by the B.C. Human Rights Commissioner.

Instead, Kwok ordered Foley to leave the train, without providing her any alternative way home. Ms. Foley was not only humiliated during this altercation, but also ended up being arrested, charged with assaulting a police officer, fined $460 and left in need of medical attention.

Foley says she is still traumatized from this experience, but has chosen to speak out and shed light on some of the issues individuals who are medically exempt from mask wearing experience on a day-to-day basis.

After we heard Foley's story, Rebel News helped her by hiring her a top criminal lawyer named Matthew Wolfson at no cost to her with the support of generous donors at Wolfson got to work immediately to get the criminal charge against Foley withdrawn. Watch the full report to see all of our excitement after learning the charges against this single mom had been dropped, as well as to see what is next to come in Ms. Foley’s fight.

Update: While Rebel News is proud to have helped Foley by paying her legal bills in her criminal case, unfortunately we are unable to offer help with her outstanding ticket. 

Please continue to help support our growing legal clinic at where we crowdfund legal help for people all across Canada who are slapped with outrageous lockdown tickets. Whatever you are able to donate there goes towards helping hundreds of Canadians already being helped by Rebel News to fight these tyrannical fines in court.   

You can also head to to tell us your story if you need our help.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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