Our ‘China Virus‘ billboard was vandalized — but Rebel News will not be censored

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It looks like pro-China activists have tried to censor Ezra Levant's new book, China Virus, one more time. This time the censorship came through an act of vandalism.

We regularly use a big, beautiful billboard along the side of Alberta's busiest highway — Highway 2, south of Leduc Alberta — to promote the things that we do. It's a great way to get our message out to a lot of people at once, since the billboard receives 1.3 million impressions per month.

But our billboard has been hit by pro-communist vandalism.

A person (or persons) spray-painted graffiti calling us “racist” all over our expensive billboard. The vandalism is so audacious, given how visible the billboard is, and the trespassing someone would have to do onto private property just to damage it.

It's almost as though someone were paid to do it. However, this wouldn't be the first time the China Virus book was targeted for by a pro-China censorship mob.

In the days leading up to our book launch event — hosted just outside Edmonton in Sherwood Park, Alberta — a full frontal offensive was organized against the family run business, Buffet Royale, that agreed to host us.

It started with harassing phone calls from people with Asian accents and Calgary area codes. I suspect it was organized by the Chinese consulate.

Then it was an attempted $3,000 bribe to cancel our event. 

Then it was a letter saying that the police and provincial health inspectors had been called to shut the restaurant down.

Lastly, a pathetic little pro-communist protest tried to block our book launch guests from going into the restaurant that night.

The restaurant never buckled and neither did we; our book launch went ahead as planned. The commies didn't stop us then with bribes and threats, and they're definitely not going to stop us now with a little spray paint.

Today we're unveiling the brand-new billboard to replace the vandalized one. This is Canada and we don't censor books, and we don't censor billboards that market books.

But that damage to our billboard costs about $1,500, on top of the monthly fee to keep the billboard up.

However, it's important to be undeterred, unintimidated and to boldly spread the message that Justin Trudeau's pro-communist ideology is putting Canadians in danger.

If you'd like to help cover the cost to replace the billboard and to keep it up, and to fight the tentacles of pro-communist censorship happening right here in Alberta's heartland, please go to CLICK HERE and make a donation. 

The vandals might come back, but with your support, our sign will be back too. We can't let the evil commies win this.

We've also attached the invoice below, if you'd like to see the costs for yourself:

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  • By Ezra Levant

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