Audiobook now available! CHINA VIRUS: How Justin Trudeau's Pro-Communist Ideology Is Putting Canadians in Danger

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The Chinese Communist Party lied to the world about the coronavirus. They refused outside help; they let their sick citizens fly around the world, and they arrested Chinese doctors who tried to speak out.

Thousands of Canadians are dead.

But the real threat isn’t from the flu. It’s from Justin Trudeau who does whatever China’s dictators say.

Trudeau has never stopped flights from China. He kept giving visas to people from Wuhan; he handed China our national mask stockpile — for free. And even though China kidnapped two Canadians as hostages, Trudeau won’t ban the Chinese company Huawei from building our sensitive 5G cell phone network.

Like his father Pierre, Justin Trudeau just won’t stop loving the Chinese Communist Party.

In my new book called China Virus, I explain how Justin Trudeau’s pro-Communist ideology is putting Canadians in danger. It’s meticulously researched and packed with facts.

This is the book that was banned by not once, but twice — because they said it contradicts “official sources”. You bet it does. Like Trudeau. And China’s Communist Party.

Get the book now while you still can. China Virus is available as an e-book, paperback, and audiobook. Go to to order your copy now.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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Read about how Justin Trudeau's Pro-Communist ideology is putting Canadians in danger!

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