Chinese state media calls Canadian efforts to boycott 2022 Winter Olympics “sinister”

Chinese state media calls Canadian efforts to boycott 2022 Winter Olympics “sinister”
The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick
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When Members of Parliament passed a non-binding motion in Canada's House of Commons to officially condemn the Chinese Communist regime's treatment of its Uyghur minority as genocide — a vote from which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet members abstained — the motion also included a request urging the International Olympic Committee to move the 2022 Winter Olympics from Beijing.

In a response to this, Chinese state broadcaster the Global Times released an “expert assessment” declaring Canada's actions as “sinister.

Describing the ongoing human rights abuses against the Muslim minority population in China's Xinjiang region as “completely fabricated,” the Global Times suggested that “certain Western countries have been targeting the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.”

The story was careful to mention that the “Trudeau government has yet to endorse” the motion.

In contrast to the Liberal government, Conservative Party and Official Opposition leader Erin O'Toole suggested Canada should not support the Games held in Beijing.

“I think Canadians would agree that it would violate universal fundamental ethical principles to participate in an Olympic Games hosted by a country that is committing a genocide against part of its population,” O'Toole said at a recent press conference. “Canada must take a stand,” he added.

The same sentiment was echoed by Green Party leader Annamie Paul, who suggested that Canada should consider offering to host the Games instead.

China's state media outlet also suggested that the country, “with effective containment” of COVID-10 and “a better economic recovery” was ready to host the global sporting event.

“Trying to jeopardize the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will not be accepted by people around the world and is doomed to fail,” the piece warned in its conclusion.

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  • By David Menzies

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