Chrystia Freeland's taxpayer-funded limo goes with her, even when she flies

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I matched Chrystia Freeland’s flight records to her ministerial car logs. I uncovered some very strange travelling practices for a Minister who constantly brags she doesn’t drive a car, and instead mostly bikes around Toronto.

I’ve uncovered several instances where Freeland is claiming flight expenses and ministerial car expenses for the same day for the same distances.

For example, on June 12 2017, Freeland’s limo log shows a 495 km trip. However, on June 12 2017, Freeland’s flight records indicate that she flew to Montreal to participate in the 2017 Conference of Montreal. It’s a roughly four hundred kilometre round trip in a car - Ottawa to Montreal and back. This means Freeland’s chauffeur-driven car drove to Montreal without her, only to drive her around while she was there, just to drive back without her, while she flew both ways.

August 28 2017, the same thing happens. The vehicle logs show a 575 km day. According to Freeland’s flight records, she went to Montreal to attend government meetings. The limo had to drive up to Montreal empty to meet her, just to come home empty without her, while she, once again, flew both ways.

January 29 2018, Freeland’s vehicle logs show a 365 km trip. According to her flight logs, Freeland is in Montreal for NAFTA meetings. Again, the limo made the journey there and back without her.

Freeland’s flight records and limo records go on like this for 2 whole years - trip after trip, the limo tails her plane to drive her around at her destination and returns without her.

Today I’ll show you our exclusive access to information documents where we uncovered Freeland abusing your tax dollars and trust.

GAC ATIP JAN 28 by The Rebel on Scribd

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  • By David Menzies

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