Civil Liberties being eroded under COVID-19 restrictions in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, the theme of the day was based around this question: Why aren't Commonwealth countries defending civil liberties? 

As Ezra explained, the Commonwealth isn't as free as the United States, a country born out of revolution, where freedom was the central issue. The ideas of freedom and liberty are written right into their Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Canada got its independence through negotiation and legislation, not revolution. Much the same as Australia, New Zealand and many other Commonwealth nations. 

So how have these noble Commonwealth nations fared during the COVID-19 crisis? Well, according to Ezra, we've done the worst! Among the worst, we're not as bad as China. But terrible on the civil liberties side, I mean.

But after a breakout of four cases in New Zealand, the country rushed back into panic mode after having been "virus free" for more than 100 days. Ezra broke down the situation:

They actually postponed their parliamentary elections for a month. They put 1,200 New Zealand soldiers on the street to enforce their mask laws. Mandatory tracking of people, too. Listen to Jacinda Ardern cackle about how she locks people up, and keeps them locked up until they take some medical test. Yeah, you can tell she was the youth president of Socialists International.

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