Close The Border! Illegal immigrants are STILL flocking into Canada

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced yesterday that the Canadian border will be closed to all symptomatic persons and non-Canadian citizens with the exception of immediate family members, permanent residents, diplomats, aircrews, and U.S. citizens.

But do you believe that? Do you trust that illegal border crossings like the one at Roxham Road are closing to illegal immigrants, too? 

Roxham Road is still open, despite Trudeau saying that Canada's borders are closed to all but Americans.

And to make matters worse, the aptly named Clinton County, which sits along the U.S.-Canada border, is now home to at least one case of the novel coronavirus. That patient is reportedly in critical condition.

I have also learned that upon arrival in Canada, illegal immigrants are taken into custody, monitored for 24 hours, and then moved to a high-density quarantine unit.

So, any foreigner in the world can simply walk into Canada and get free, taxpayer-funded coronavirus healthcare — but Canadian citizens who show symptoms are not allowed back?

This is a huge crisis for Canada, and Trudeau's government is endangering Canadians by failing to fully close the border. 

If you are outraged by this, please sign our petition at to close the border now.

Thank you!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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