“Common sense has gone out the window”: Noble Fox still fighting Alberta gov't

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Remember The Noble Fox? The small, family-run Mexican restaurant in the central Alberta town of Bashaw that was inspired by the actions of Whistle Stop Cafe just up the road in Mirror, and reopened in defiance of the lockdown restrictions on dine-in restaurants?

Alberta dining rooms were ordered closed in December by the United Conservative Party government in response to spiking COVID case counts. And later, when the lockdown restrictions were not lifted as promised, a diner rebellion, led by Whistle Stop owner Chris Scott, ignited in rural Alberta.

Carlos Siguenza owns and operates The Noble Fox. He is an immigrant from El Salvador who chose Alberta as the place to live out his entrepreneurial dreams. Carlos is a fixture in Bashaw, so when he reopened, the community came out in droves to support him. So did Alberta Health Services inspectors and the local RCMP, but they were there to shut him down. 

Carlos did not close, but instead chose to continue to stand up to the government. Carlos needed some legal help — a lot of it. Rebel News hooked Carlos up with a lawyer through www.FightTheFines.com at no cost to him, so that he could continue to run his restaurant while offloading fighting the legal battle onto the team at Williamson Law.

I was in Bashaw this week to meet with Carlos for an update, and what he told me was infuriating.

Even though restaurants are allowed to reopen again, the harassment of Carlos by government officials has not subsided. It might even be worse now than ever. Alberta Health Services, RCMP and now Occupation Health and Safety officers are frequenting The Noble Fox for inspections, surveillance and evidence gathering. What’s next? Fisheries? Immigration?

Carlos can’t fight the whole government without your help. He’s fighting for his family, his business and freedom. But the government is throwing everything they have at him. To help Carlos, please donate at www.FightTheFines.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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