Conservative “eGirls” are not innocent | Sydney Watson on Andrew Says

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Sydney Watson was the guest on the most recent edition of Andrew Says with host Andrew Chapados, where she chatted with Andrew about her experiences as a conservative social media influencer.

In this clip from the extended interview available on RebelNews+, Sydney told Andrew about 

When it comes to these women, I don't want to be one of these people out here that goes 'oh you're a slut for doing this' because I don't know anything about you. What I do find frustrating though that I think delegitimizes the conservative movement — and by the same token I'm not a conservative or you know, conservative-libertarian who says to people 'oh what are you conserving just because you take photos like this?'

But the e-thot thing I think is really interesting because — and the video that I made about it was pointing out that there is a correlation, I think, between loneliness — in men and women, but predominantly men — and subscribing to OnlyFans or taking part in, I guess maybe even obsessing over these women who, again, are taking their clothes off online for money. But particularly I was talking about the for money element.

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