Conservatives saw the true nature of Peter MacKay: Candice Malcolm with Ezra Levant

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Candice Malcolm of True North called in to talk about why the alleged Conservative front-runner Peter MacKay lost the leadership to Erin O'Toole.

According to Candice,

“Peter MacKay seemed uncomfortable. He didn't seem interested in connecting with the base, connecting with the true blue conservative members, people in western Canada, people in Alberta... he never really seemed comfortable.

“He seems much more comfortable with the sort of Toronto liberal crowd, the Toronto Star, who endorsed him, the CBC — those are... more his people. The example of him not showing up at the very last minute to our debate kind of exemplified who he is — which is that he doesn't really feel comfortable and he isn't really amongst the conservative base.

“[MacKay]'s not really one of us... doesn't know how to communicate, doesn't know what to say. That's why we saw a lot of missteps, a lot of flip-flops when it came to him trying to communicate that message.”

Dr. Leslyn Lewis was forced to drop out of the #IPGdebate due to illness and Peter MacKay dropped out shortly after in solidarity. Erin O'Toole and Derek Sloan attended and the debate format was flipped into a fireside chat with Andrew Lawton.

In this clip, Candice talks about the importance to speaking to the Conservative base through independent media because “they're the ones making the decision [on leadership] — it's not the Toronto Star, it's not all the fancy people in Toronto.”

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