Cops seizing fuel in Ottawa? Protesters on scene reveal the story

Rebel News located the camp where people claimed over 100 police officers raided and seized several thousand litres of fuel.

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Last night in Ottawa, reports came out claiming police had raided a trucker’s camp just on the outskirts of the city on Coventry road.

So, I went on scene with our team and investigated:

Earlier in the day, the City of Ottawa declared a state of emergency due to the ongoing convoy protest which gave more powers to the police.

Police also tweeted a warning, that “anyone attempting to bring material(gas, etc.) to the demonstrators could be subject to arrest”, and that “Enforcement [was] underway.”

At first, everything was calm throughout the afternoon. However at around 7 pm local time, videos started to emerge of police seizing protest supporters’ jerry cans full of fuel in the surrounding downtown core of the city.

We located the camp where people claimed over 100 police officers and several dressed in riot gear raided and seized several thousand liters of fuel meant to heat those staying there.

Footage was passed on from those who captured the action first hand. You can see the massive police build up.

I went live on scene and did interviews to bring our viewers immediate updates.

In my report, I interviewed those directly affected by the seizure, and those who were on scene when it all happened.

If you like to see more first hand reports of the truckers’ convoy for freedom wherever they are in the country, please head to to chip in for our travel costs! You can also see the rest of our coverage from all across Canada.


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