Cuban-born American gives speech warning against the dangers of socialism at RNC | Ezra Levant reacts

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Although the Republican National Convention isn't quite as fun as it was back in 2016 (just look at the crowds, glitz and glamour) that doesn't mean the convention has been a boring waste of time. 

Far from it, in fact. 

On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed one of the most touching highlights of the first day of the convention. Maximo Alvarez, a Cuban-born immigrant to the United States, gave a speech about the perils of socialist ideas that are so prevalent in present-day America. 

Not normally one for sentimentality, Ezra couldn't help but get a little emotional during Alvarez's speech, telling the viewers:

I'm not American. I'm not Floridian. I'm not Cuban. But his story was so passionate and the man was speaking from the heart. I couldn't help myself, [when Alvarez choked up during his speech] I choked up a little bit, too.

What did Alvarez have to say that was so powerful? Well, he discussed the promises made by then-revolutionary Fidel Castro:

I heard the promises of Fidel Castro. And I can never forget all those who grew up around me. Who looked like me. Who suffered and starved and died because they believed those empty promises. They swallowed the Communist poison pill. If you have a chance go to the Freedom Tower in Miami. Stop and listen. You can still hear the sounds of those broken promises.

Alvarez also talked about the great things he's gained as an American citizen, and how he and his family are done abandoning what they'd rightfully earned and are now speaking out against the troubles facing America.

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