Dan Andrews threatens to ‘lock out’ the unvaccinated well into 2022

Vaccine passports and booster shots will be a condition of freedom and employment for Victorians.

Dan Andrews threatens to ‘lock out’ the unvaccinated well into 2022
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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has threatened to ‘lock out’ and exclude the unvaccinated and those who do not keep up with a Covid booster shot program.



In a recent press conference, the premier issued a stern warning about the state of Victoria’s Covid roadmap. Unlike New South Wales, Victoria intends to punish those who do not get vaccinated well into 2022.


“Why would you have ‘the thing’ [Covid health orders] up and running and then, essentially, pull all that down – all the architecture that you’ve built, all the infrastructure, the culture that you’ve changed – why would you change that four or five weeks later? We will not be doing that here.” said Daniel Andrews.


This could be a reference to the neighbouring state of New South Wales.

New Liberal Premier Dominic Perrottet plans to lift almost all Covid health orders from the state starting December 1, including allowing the unvaccinated back into shops. The state has been experimenting with freedom after it ended its lockdown last week.

The two states have been engaged in a competition of sorts over their approach to Covid. The previous New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian often found herself trading sharp remarks with Daniel Andrews regarding the severity and duration of lockdowns.


“I’m not going to say to someone, ‘Oh look, just wait us out, will ya? Just wait four or five weeks and then you’ll be able to go to the pub.’ No. If you make the judgement to not get vaccinated and you reckon you can wait out us or the public or whoever you want to think you’re waiting out – you won’t wait out the virus ‘cause the virus will be here for a long time. And you’re only protection against it is being vaccinated. This will be well into 2022,” continued Daniel Andrews.


The Immunisation Handbook of Australia clearly states that citizens must be free from coercion and threat when making their decision to take a vaccine. The Victorian premier has not been questioned about whether these extended health orders which threaten to isolate, discriminate, and segregate the unvaccinated from the Australian economy fit within those guidelines.



Melbourne has seen months of protests with thousands attended by people from a wide range of industries complaining about losing their jobs after mandatory vaccination health orders were brought in.


Then we’re going to get into booster issues, so it won’t be your first and second dose, it will be ‘have you had your third?’ And then the other issue will be well, who knows what variants are coming? Who knows…” added Daniel Andrews, indicating that vaccine passports are set to become a permanent fixture for Victoria that have to be continuously updated with booster shots.


The premier also confirmed that the state would not be opening up at 90% double vaccination, despite many of the world’s major cities dropping restrictions from 60% upwards. He went on to suggest that the Grand Prix in April of 2022 would not be open for the unvaccianted.

Those attempting to wait out the health orders for vaccination have been warned that there is no end in sight. They face more than a year excluded from the Victorian economy with no prospect to work or see their loved ones.

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