Little Wuhan Noodle REVIEW: David visits restaurant targeted by coronavirus trolls

In times of crisis, people can be cruel — and kind. Little Wuhan Noodle in Markham, Ont., has been targeted by social media trolls and malicious prank callers simply because of its name. Unfortunately, anonymous would-be assassins are spreading libelous rubbish online about the restaurant, claiming it serves “bat soup” and that this eatery is responsible for spreading the #coronavirus in Canada.

At one point, business at the restaurant had plummeted by two-thirds as people made it a point to eat elsewhere Rebel News dropped by recently to have a meal (it was off-the-charts delicious!) and speak with the owner, Zhengyu Fang.

And we’re pleased to report that there's a good news epilogue to this story: while the month of January was dire for Wuhan Noodle, now people in the community are going out of their way to eat here, many of them first-time customers. And Mr. Fang says that thanks to this outreach of culinary solidarity, his business is now making a comeback.

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