David Menzies: 'All of these school boards have been infiltrated by far-left woke Marxists'

David Menzies joins The Gunn Show to discuss why he thinks childless activists have invaded the school boards across the country and what can be done to turn it all around and give the power back to the parents.

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Joining Sheila on The Gunn Show is Rebel reporter David Menzies who goes into detail about what is happening in schools boards across Ontario, and across Canada.

David is one of a handful of independent journalists in Canada who is shining a light on the bad behaviour of trustees, teachers and unions.

"I've never seen something so out of control as publicly funded school boards," said David.

David spoke about covering the Busty Lemieux reports from a year ago:

Busty Lemieux showed up at Oakville Trafalgar High School with those enormous breasts, which he claims are real.

He has the blessing of the school board, they won't touch this with a ten foot pole, even if he's standing 11 feet away, because they don't want to be seen as transphobic. Even though very important caveat here, not even the trans community is coming to this guy's defense.

They know this is phony baloney. This is something more either a prank or perversion. I side with perversion for many reasons that I won't get into here. We saw when Lincoln Jay, I got physically assaulted at a teacher's union meeting that his colleagues, they are completely down with dressing inappropriately in front of parents. And worst of all, the milquetoast minister of Education, Stephen Lecce.

This guy is about absolutely a disgrace. And I can only say this, Sheila, he has the power. And you saw it happen in your province a few years ago. He has the power to reign in and even dissolve these out of control woke school boards. He won't do so. See, you know what I say that this supposed conservative minister of education, he's all down with this agenda, too..

That's the only reason he has the hammer to restore order. All of these school boards Sheila have been infiltrated by far-left woke Marxists. They're not going to reform themselves. They don't even respond to pressure. They ban the parents, they ban the media. They are completely out of control. So, Mr. Lecce, where in blue hell are you?

Sheila said to David that it's a really great point to bring up the "absolute failures of the politicians here." How quickly these school boards have become infested with "far left woke Marxists."

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