We busted Busty Lemieux. So why is the HDSB continuing to reward this grifter?

Indeed, so much for the phrase 'Crime doesn’t pay.' Because the HDSB’s so-called solution to the Lemieux problem is to pay this dude to stay at home, collecting a full salary plus benefits – courtesy of the ever-beleaguered taxpayer, of course.

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Earlier this month, we delivered the goods to the enabling educrats of the Halton District School Board. We proved that the infamous “transgender” shop teacher with the Z-cup breasts is a fraud, a liar, a cheat and perhaps even a sexual pervert.

Indeed, one of Lemieux’s biggest lies was that those huge breasts are real. That’s what Lemieux told the New York Post two months ago – that he started developing his mammary glands at the age of 39. Oh, and he can’t find a proper bra due to the size of those breasts, so we will all just have to get used to those eraser-sized nipples protruding though his sheer blouse. (As an aside, is the heat never on at Oakville Trafalgar High School? Or is Lemieux in a constant state of arousal given that the high beams are always on?)

Anyway, the Lemieux narrative was that those boobs are the Real McCoy, not made-in-China silicone props.

Of course, nobody on the planet believed that outrageous claim. But here’s the thing. Those virtue-signalling wimps at the HDSB pretended to believe Lemieux. It was an “out” for them. Lemieux’s gargantuan breasts was akin to a handicap, you see. And no reasonable person would demand that a disabled person would be terminated based on their disability after all.

But as we proved earlier this month, Lemieux makes use of fake strap-on breasts. So now that the jug – er, rather, now that the jig is up, we were fully expecting the HDSB at its meeting last week to state that Lemieux was being fired with cause.

But no. Here’s what the woke-joke board stated: HDSB will continue “to prioritize students by setting an example of a board that is inclusive, accepting and rooted in the belief of upholding human rights for everyone that is a part of this community. As educators guided by a board rooted in human rights, we have an obligation to teach acceptance, inclusion and respect. And we don’t take that obligation — and that privilege — lightly.”

Can you believe it: apparently, acceptance, inclusion and respect must be shown to a staff member who is fraudster and quite likely a sexual pervert. Oh, and being “inclusive” means there’s also still no dress code for teachers in Halton District (even though a dress code applies to students and even Halloween costumes!)

Indeed, so much for the phrase “Crime doesn’t pay.” Because the HDSB’s so-called solution to the Lemieux problem is to pay this dude to stay at home, collecting a full salary plus benefits – courtesy of the ever-beleaguered taxpayer, of course.

In fact, Lemieux has so much time on his hands that the rumour mill has it that he is now seeking employment as a waitress (and oh, how are hearts break for the hard-working biological gals working at Hooters…)

By the way, we are quoting a mainstream media article because Rebel News reporter David Menzies is banned for life from visiting HDSB properties. Why? Because Menzies attended a HDSB public meeting wearing the identical props and clothing as Lemieux. The educrats were so offended that they fled the room.

The irony is perverse, isn’t it? The HDSB is totally down with the radical transgender revolution… well, when that revolution is taking place in the classroom in front of minors, that is. When transanity comes into the inner-sanctum of the school board trustees, that’s a little too much for them to handle.

That’s a bit too impolite, a little too perverse. And so it is that security is summoned and police are called. HDSB educrats are special you see; they know what’s best for your children. And if you have a problem with that, well, free accommodation can always be arranged for you at the local penitentiary.

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