“Day of Rage” protests feature “university students, old-time Jew hating leftists”: Marty Gold

On this Wednesday's edition of The Gunn Show I spoke to Marty Gold of TheJ.ca about the "Day of Rage" protests that have popped up across the country recently in response to the US led Middle East peace plan. 

As Marty told me: 

This isn't like [Israeil's] wandering into the Sinai desert, just to snatch tracts of land that had nothing to do with our history, our culture and our self governance. Now the protests started across the country... and the lead sign was 'Canada is guilty in Palestinian genocide and NAKBA.' You're dealing with university students, old-time jew hating leftists. But not a lot of them have direct relationship to the Palestinian administration.

July 1 marked the first day from which the annexation plan could be put to a vote in Jerusalem. 

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