Disgraced trustee Nili Kaplan-Myrth files appeal of suspension

Kaplan-Myrth first came on to the national radar when she conducted remote TV appearances alone in her medical office wearing an N-95 mask.

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The mask-obsessed TV doc-turned-Ottawa Carleton District School Board trustee was found guilty of breaching the board's code of conduct on December 14 after nearly a year of out-of-control behaviour online and in person.

Kaplan-Myrth was barred from meetings for three months and from sitting on five committees after running afoul of the board's code of conduct.

The code of conduct complaint found Kaplan-Myrth guilty of “bringing shame” to the OCDSB because of her actions at a September 11 meeting, when she stated publicly "that a roomful of colleagues responded with silence when she talked about the antisemitic attacks she received over the past year.”

The September 11 meeting was investigating another code of conduct complaint. Kaplan-Myrth narrowly beat code of conduct sanctions after she accused a Black trustee, Donna Dickson, of siding with "white supremacists" when she did not vote for a renewed mask mandate for Ottawa schools.

Kaplan-Myrth filed a Human Rights complaint and attempted to take a leave of absence to avoid accountability for her actions, alleging she was "threatened, harassed, and physically assaulted by third parties for being Jewish."

She also was found guilty of violating the security plan she insisted on.

But her wild behaviour did not start with bullying her fellow trustees on the board. Kaplan-Myrth cut the mic of parents who came to school board meetings to speak against the policy of allowing trans-identifying biological males to use girls' change rooms and locker rooms.

Kaplan-Myrth then had the online petition site, Change.org, remove two online campaigns started by parents calling for her removal. Rebel News gave these parents and other concerned Canadians a voice with a petition Kaplan-Myrth could not censor at www.FireNili.com.

When that petition, with thousands of names, was delivered to her in person, Kaplan-Myrth lost control of her faculties, called security, and took to social media to accuse Rebel News of abuse and harassment. The video taken of the incident did not comport with Kaplan-Myrth's version of reality.

Kaplan-Myrth first came on to the national radar when she conducted remote TV appearances alone in her medical office wearing an N-95 mask, the choice of covid hypochondriacs everywhere.

To sign the petition calling for an end to the reign of ridiculousness of Nili Kaplan-Myrth in the OCDSB's Zone 9, please visit www.FireNili.com.

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