Disney heaps praise on Chinese Communists with new 'Mulan' movie | Gordon G. Chang joins Ezra Levant

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Gordon B. Chang joined Ezra to discuss Disney's new live-action Mulan movie. No, there's no issues with Disney for the content of the film, but rather where they decided to shoot the new film: the autonomous Xinjiang region, a region best known for its Uyghur population. 

The same population that the Chinese Communist Party has been throwing in concentration camps.

Like Ezra points out to Gordon, the movie itself isn't the issue; rather, it's that Disney 'bends the knee' to the Chinese Communist Party, and their secret police.

As Gordon explained to Ezra:

This is horrific. As you point out, these are the same people who run concentration camps and as a part of China's minority policies toward the Uyghurs and Kazaks, it's not just detaining 1.3 million, or perhaps as many as 3 million.

It's also a genocidal policies, institutional slavery [and government sanctioned] rape. This is horrific for Disney to film in that area, [that was] wrong in itself; and certainly to thank them publicly just shows complicity with crimes against humanity.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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