Don't bet on mainstream media: Spencer Fernando on indie press and the Conservative Party

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In remarks to the Conservative Party before the election of Erin O'Toole as the next leader earlier this week, Andrew Scheer brought up the importance of independent media in Canada. 

Here's what Scheer said:

“Challenge the mainstream media. Don't take their narrative as fact. Check out smart, independent, objective organizations that are growing all the time like The Post Millennial or True North. There are other places to get information. Let's stop being the silent majority.”

Ezra's response?

“I see a tiny bit of an omission there for Rebel News but I can't blame the lad - we've certainly had our share of criticism of him over the years.”

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant ShowSpencer Fernando called in to talk to Ezra about why this leadership race was a triumph for independent conservative media in Canada.

In this clip, Ezra brings up Scheer's deference to the Media Party and Spencer's article Erin O’Toole’s Big Win & Strong Showing By Lewis & Sloan Shows Conservatives Decisively Rejected The Media Elites & Embraced Independent Media.

Spencer commented on the tension between the mainstream narrative and what Conservative voters actually wanted:

“You could kind of see the trend beginning even before the race really got going, when the media really tried to push Jean Charest... and then they started pushing Peter MacKay — he was inevitable, he was the frontrunner the entire time, no one could beat him, he got endorsed by the Toronto Star.”

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