Edmonton police stand by as climate change protesters block bridge traffic


Climate Change hypocrites Extinction Rebellion drove a gas guzzler to their traffic snarling anti-automobile protest in Edmonton. One intrepid Edmonton commuter captured it all on video.

Thousands of commuters in Alberta’s capital city were trapped in idling cars for 90 minutes during the morning rush hour commute while radical green Marxists blocked the Walterdale bridge, a main artery into the downtown core. The protest was part of the international “Bridge out” protests that caused traffic mayhem in cities across the globe.

Nothing screams “I'm deadly serious about the threat of unnecessary CO2 in the atmosphere like forcing just about every single commuter headed into the downtown core of the capital city to idle in their car for an hour and a half.”

But before the climate warriors rumbled off in their 3/4 ton older model Chevy pickup, with their canoe protest prop on the roof for additional lack of aerodynamics and even worse fuel mileage, they were protected by Edmonton police from furious motorists.

Police formed a human shield to separate the protesters from the commuters and, after “working with” Extinction Rebellion, allowed the road blockers to leave without any charges for the traffic terrorism they caused. Police had to push several stranded drivers off the road who had run out of fuel waiting on the Rebellion to get cold and tired and bored.

I wonder how many canoe and public mischief offsets they bought to justify their traffic slacktivism today?