Exclusive interview with Dawid Pawlowski following his release from jail

Dawid did everything else that the courts stated he was supposed to, including securing community service hours, but was being denied based on his vaccination status.

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The Pawlowski family, particularly Pastor Artur and his brother Dawid, have been through hell since the onset of draconian COVID-19 restrictions which would have prevented them from meeting the fundamental needs of Calgary’s homeless population, and which would have seen them excluding or limiting access to worship for their congregation.

While some churches were quick to close their doors at the first opportunity when directed by health officials, the Pawlowskis' deeply held religious convictions prevented them from simply shutting down just when their communities needed them most.

Since that time the Pawlowski brothers have endured, in these last two years alone, five arrests and three incarcerations each. You likely know that Pastor Artur is still in jail presently, as a result of numerous charges, but of particular note is the latest historical charge under the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act, which he received for daring to preach to the truckers at the Coutts blockade. He also has a litany of pending, often duplicative charges, many of which have also been filed against Dawid.

For a recap of the charges and the arrests Pastor Artur is facing check out my interview with Sarah Miller, the Pawlowskis' legal counsel, here.

The so-called crimes of these brothers, even per the strictest application of the law merit at worst a fine and some community service, but much like Tamara Lich of the Freedom Convoy who was held and denied bail, this was never about upholding the law. This was always about muting political prisoners.

We can look at the cause for Dawid’s latest arrest if we have any doubts.

While a good portion of the contempt of court sanctions levied against Dawid were stayed pending an appeal, he did have to pay some penalties and do community service. The Pawlowskis feed and care for the homeless all week, but the judge said that this doesn’t count. Dawid worked to secure community service opportunities, but unfortunately most of the usual groups who accommodate court mandated works were denying people the opportunity based on vaccination status.

Dawid did everything else that the courts stated he was supposed to, per the upheld sanctions, and he was willing and trying to secure community service hours, but was being denied based on his vaccination status. Did his probation officer respond understandingly or try to help him? No, it was to be yet another dramatic roadside arrest for the Pawlowski family.

We joined Dawid to talk about the arrest, and about his eventual release. We also talked about the family's ongoing political and religious persecution, and Pastor Artur’s continued incarceration.

Thank to your generous tax receipt eligible donations at SaveArtur.com, the Pawlowskis, who are already dealing with so much, don’t have to worry about what would otherwise be insurmountable legal debt. If you want to keep Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers hard at work defending Dawid and Artur consider contributing here today.

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