EXCLUSIVE: Victim of POLICE BRUTALITY in Melbourne speaks out

At the lockdown protest in Melbourne on Friday, our team found a protester unable to open his eyes and struggling to breathe by the Yarra River.

When I approached the man, he explained that a police officer came out of nowhere and pepper-sprayed him.

We called an ambulance and waited with him until they arrived.

The 30-yr-old protester says this will not deter him from fighting for freedom in Australia.

Twenty-four-hours prior, Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius told the media: "protests are a human right".

I spoke to police earlier who seemed confused themselves.

Police later swarmed a petrol station in South Melbourne, surrounding, detaining and fining anyone there. Including two cyclists "out to get Hungry Jacks" and a woman "purchasing some water".

A pro-lockdown activist was also arrested and fined.

The mainstream media reporting was as atrocious as police conduct.

  • By Avi Yemini

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