If a Pastor is arrested and the media doesn't cover it, did it even happen?

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Who is Calgary Pastor Derek Reimer?

You'll remember him from feeding the hungry and the homeless on the streets of Calgary in 2020. Remember, Artur Pawlowski was given massive tickets for doing that. He was out in the cold. It was actually snowing that day. And Artur and his church were giving food to hungry people and the cops came up pushing him around like bullies and they gave him a ticket for an illegal gathering. As if feeding the hungry was a gathering like a party or something.

As you know, that became case number one in our "Fight the Fines" project which has gone on to represent more than 2000 people. Well, case number two was almost an identical case involving another Calgary-based pastor charged for doing the exact same thing, feeding Calgary's hungry and homeless.

I guess the city hates Pastor Reimer for daring to stand up to them. And I don't know why they seemingly have some weird vendetta against him.

Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour

But yesterday Pastor Derrick Reimer was in the news again. He had heard about the "Drag Queen Story Hour" in a Calgary public library that was targeting children of tender years.

That's my main beef with these Drag Queen events. If some grown-ups want to live that way in a club or even on the streets and be who they feel they are inside, I think I'm libertarian enough to roll with them. But don't target children of a young age — that should be a non-sexual and asexual time in a child's life. Just let them be kids. It's not the gayness, it's the sexualization of children, gay or straight. That's why we don't bring children into straight strip clubs. Just don't sexualize children, it's really gross.

So I can understand why someone, nonetheless someone who is as motivated by Christian morality as a Christian pastor, would be opposed to it.

Anyways, Pastor Derek Reimer went to this drag queen story hour and preached against it and he interrupted it. He was not physical. He didn't attack anyone, but he spoke against it and they got physical with him. Three men grabbed Pastor Derek and threw him out of the event.

Now, by the way, I know enough about the law of trespass that if someone is on your property, you have the right to use reasonable force to eject them. But this is public property, namely a public library. I'm not quite sure if the law applies if you have a private space rented at a public library. But I'm pretty sure three big guys picking up a man and throwing him on the ground like that is something that should at least warrant a police investigation, if not prosecution.

Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek

But alas, no one was prosecuted for that whatsoever. And that enraged Jyoti Gondek, the new hard left-wing Mayor of Calgary. Gondek was absolutely furious that Derek Reimer, the victim of that assault, was not prosecuted. And so apparently she contacted the police and even the prosecutors directly to target Pastor Reimer using a special new bylaw she created targeting her political enemies.

Understand that the criminal code applies all across the country. You don't need every city hall or town hall to ban stalking or harassment or assault or uttering a death threat or any real crimes. But Gondek wants to ban things that are not crimes. She wants to ban her political enemies from lying. Of course, lying can quite often be a matter of opinion in politics. Each side thinks the other is lying and it's up to the voter to figure it out.

But Gondek says that the people who lie (the ones that she doesn't like) are very special and that they're motivated by hatred, unlike her motivations, which of course, are pure love.

But the police, at least some of them, still believe in their oath enough that they don't just simply run personal political errands for politicians. Evidently, she contacted the police and prosecutors directly and demanded that they arrest Eric Reimer. And the reason I say "evidently" is because they obviously refused to do so for several days, which exasperated Gondek, who then had a temper tantrum where she referred to the police and the prosecutors rebuffing her.

She demanded that they arrest Derek Reimer despite police objections. And, you know what they actually did.

Arresting Pastor Reimer

Here's a video of a police officer showing up at his home and saying he has a warrant for Pastor Reimer's arrest. And sure enough, the next day he was arrested.

Our reporters are on the scene and will continue to provide updates as this story progresses. And you can see all of our coverage at www.SavePastorDerek.com and you can even help fund his legal fees on that page too. 

I told Tucker Carlson on Fox news last night that I hope that American Senators and Congressmen start to care about our civil liberties in Canada, because I fear our own Senators and Members of Parliament simply don't care. And we need all the help we can get. 

GUEST: Rebel Reporter Angelica Toy who is on the scene of the prison where Pastor Reimer was taken after his arrest. 


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