New poll shows Erin O’Toole falls further behind: Here's some advice!

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I’m disappointed in Erin O’Toole, but really, being disappointed in politicians is the norm, isn’t it? It’s rare not to be disappointed in a politician. It just usually takes a bit longer.

On tonight's show, we'll go through a new poll by Abacus:

Liberals open up an 8-point lead over the Conservatives as O’Toole’s negatives keep rising

Obviously the Tories still dominate in the prairies, but seriously — 25 per cent support for the Liberals in Alberta? That’s a sign that people aren’t exactly enthused with O’Toole. You might even see a few Liberals pop up in Edmonton, I hate to say it.

But my point is: the man’s going to lose. The whole strategy behind shifting to the left, and distancing himself from Sloan and Poilievre and Kenney and even us at Rebel, the whole point was to ingratiate himself with former Liberal voters in Ontario and to a lesser extent B.C. and the Atlantic. And I guess Quebec. It’s just not happening. Absolutely the opposite, in fact.

The number one thing O’Toole needs to do is to talk about the number one thing on Canadians minds. The pandemic — and more to the point, the lockdown. As I showed you yesterday, 96 per cent of pandemic victims are over age sixty. So for the vast majority of working families, the problem isn’t a health problem, it’s a lockdown problem, a schools are shut down problem, a jobs problem, a businesses shut down, travel is shut down problem.

How about be their voice?

Right now, O’Toole is on track to be crushed like a bowl of eggs.

How about if he’s going to lose, go down fighting.

But really, as Pierre Poilievre shows us, and as Ron DeSantis in Florida shows us — being a strong, fighting conservative, well, you can actually win, can’t you?

NEXT: John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF).

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