The Trudeau government moves to regulate the news media

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Do you know who Pablo Rodriguez is? He's the new Heritage Minister, and he shares both Steven Guilbeault's and Justin Trudeau's belief in censoring the enemies of the government.

Trouble is, there's not a lot of enemies of the government left in Canada, they've all been corrupted.

I think Trudeau's brilliant in that way. He doesn't need to nationalize news organizations, like the CBC. Have them pretend to be private, pretend to be independent, and have them ask him 'tough' questions and then just pay them a subsidy on an annual basis.

It would've taken billions and billions of dollars to buy up and nationalize these media companies, and renting them is cheaper and it continues the illusion of opposition.

So Pablo Rodriguez announced the next phase, and he did two things. First of all, he only allowed questions from approved journalists. Second of all, the questions were all technical questions. How will you do this, how will you do that? These were journalists curious about the new workplace rules.

None of them expressed shock that the government would dare to regulate the news media, and say who is and who isn't a journalist.

GUEST: Marc Morano (follow @ClimateDepot on Twitter)

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