While the 'public health' doctors were telling you not to fly, they made hundreds of flights — at your expense

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You know they didn’t mean it. Any of it. You know that. Wear your mask. Don’t gather with friends or family. Don’t travel. You know none of them meant it, right?

Here’s Jason Kenney, Alberta’s premier, with his health minister, having a private rooftop party, on a private rooftop restaurant, in a government office, just for him and his pals, at precisely the time it was illegal for mere citizens to gather in a restaurant or indeed in a church or private home in the same way.

But there has been no-one worse than Theresa Tam. Just atrocious. Who simultaneously worked for the China-run WHO while also acting as Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer. Remember that? How can you be loyal to two masters? Why was she working for the WHO while also purporting to work for Canadians?

Say — do you think she follows the rules? I mean, really?

So look at these — scroll down to read for yourself. An access to information document. It’s a list of hundreds of flights, including luxury business class flights and enormous hotel costs, of Theresa Tam’s staff during the period of time she told us not to fly. Countless. While mere mortals were told to stay home, or meet by Skype or Zoom, these extremely important people just had to jet around. Just had to!

A third of a million dollars they spent on travel during the travel advisory — as in, when they told you not to fly.

But the flying is the least of it. Some of these public health bureaucrats billed five, ten, fifteen thousand, even twenty-five thousand dollars for hotel accommodations on these trips.

How do you spend $25,000 on hotel rooms? Were you in a presidential suite somewhere? Just what did you put on the room service bill?

They forced hundreds of thousands of working class people into poverty and unemployment, putting us on lockdowns like we’re prisoners. But that’s precisely the moment they began their jet-setting. So, so gross.

Remember: never believe that they believed any of this.

But look at what else is revealed in an ATIP request: Justin Trudeau diverted $14-million from vaccine acquisition towards propaganda.

They took the $14-million from taxpayers claiming it was to save lives. But that was a trick. Once they had the money, they spent it on propaganda. Look at the memo’s title:

Approval for funding allocation increase: COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and disinformation

That’s what they call anyone who disagrees with the government.

They think the propaganda war is so important, though, that they’re literally proposing to take money away from vaccine procurement itself, as in actually buying the vaccines, and repurpose it towards propaganda.

Who got that money? The original $30-million. The extra $14-million. And that’s just from this one department — the Public Health Agency. That’s not even the main federal Health department. That’s not every other provincial government, every city.

How much was spent on vaccine propaganda — and smearing vaccine skeptics?

There’s no way it’s less than a quarter billion dollars. Not a chance. And that’s just what was paid for — all the propaganda masquerading as news, produced “for free” by CTV, CBC, Global. You can see why they want to stamp out Rebel News, right? We’re one of the only people not on the take.

They care so much about masks that they don’t wear them; they care so much about travel bans that they spend countless taxpayer dollars jetting around; they care so much about vaccines that they divert money from medicine to propaganda.

This really is about something else, isn’t it?

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano (follow @franco_nomics on Twitter), Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, calls in to talk about the federal budget.

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