EXCLUSIVE: Theresa Tam's deep conflicts of interest as a WHO staffer through key moments of COVID pandemic

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Some of the most patriotic people are new immigrants — especially if they fled here from a place that was a dictatorship. I can’t help but notice that a disproportionate number of people at the freedom rallies against lockdowns across Canada seem to have an Eastern European accent, which tells me that they came from a former police state, like the Soviet Union or the countries it dominated, like Poland. I think it’s why Poland and Hungary are to this day more freedom-oriented than Western Europe, or we here in North America.

I mention this because I want to prove to you that new immigrants can often be more passionate about Canadian and Americans values than people who were born here, because we take it for granted. Now I’m obviously not saying that applies to everyone; some people come here for economic reasons, or reasons of inertia or family reasons or because someone else in their life made a decision. But those who care about freedom and came here with that in mind are often more switched on to these issues, I think. I mean, there is no-one more passionate about the risk of Islamism, I find, than people who fled radical Islam from placed like Iran or Pakistan.

OK, now that I’ve made that point, let me tell you what I think is fair game.

I don’t think it’s fair game to accuse someone of having dual loyalties to another place simply because they come from there.

But I do think it’s fair game to accuse someone of having dual loyalties if they do in fact have dual loyalties. And I mean that in a very tangible way — if they’re paid by someone else, to promote a certain point of view, for example. That’s why Parliament, for example, requires MPs to disclose other sources of income, other assets, other interests. Just because if you are paid by someone or something else, you are by definition in a position of split loyalties. You cannot ride two horses.

So that is a very long preamble to the story today.

New documents obtained by Rebel News through an access to information request, show that Theresa Tam, Trudeau’s public health officer, had a deep conflict of interest with the China-controlled World Health Organization all throughout the key moments of the pandemic.

She was on their staff. She was loyal to them — she had to be. She signed an agreement with them to keep their secrets — to even keep their secrets from Canadians.

Stop right there for a moment. Theresa Tam, whose job it was, we thought, to protect us from the virus that came from China, signed a contract forbidding her from telling us everything she knew about the virus, if it would embarrass her bosses at the China-controlled World Health Organization.

That’s a conflict of loyalties. She was loyal to them, not to us.

That’s one of the reasons we set up our petition at FireTam.com, a petition that now has well over 50,000 signatures. You just can’t obey China’s WHO and also be loyal to Canada. You just can’t.

So let’s dive right in to the access to information documents.

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