Should we start treating Communist China like apartheid South Africa — or Nazi Germany?

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If you’ve been watching our show loyally, you know we’ve been talking about the coronavirus since January.

But I want to talk about today is not "us." I want to talk about "they."

The people who did this to us.

Now, a virus did this to us. And I’m not even going to get into the credible allegations that this virus was engineered by China’s bio-warfare lab, that just happens to be located in Wuhan. We interviewed an Epoch Times journalist yesterday who made credible allegations about that.

What we know without a shadow of a doubt is that, however the virus came about, China’s Communist Party deliberately hid the news, arrested doctors who were trying to warn about it, lied to the world, including the World Health Organization which they got to radiate their lies, and engaged in outrageous bad faith conduct, vacuuming up the world’s medical supplies for two months while pretending everything was fine.

I think we need to start thinking about China no more as a trading partner, and certainly not an ally.

They are much more than just a competitor, as their illegal trade practices constantly show, and their industrial espionage shows.

Think about Apartheid South Africa — how the world denormalized, demonized, put sanctions on South Africa for its policies of Apartheid.

It was a racist system to be sure — but it didn’t kill thousands of people around the world. Still, sanctions, and more importantly: turning them into a pariah state.

I think the best stance to take is a Cold War stance:

China, like the old Soviet Union, is large, and nuclear armed. You can’t attack it; you can’t ignore it; but you can denormalize it, speak truth to power about it, and make sure you are never dependent on it.

We can undo favours to it. We can recognize Taiwan as an independent country — something, to our deep discredit, that hasn’t been done by the free world in a generation.

TONIGHT I'll talk about the other things we can do to uncouple ourselves from China.

Let’s unhook ourselves from them industrially, financially. Let’s send home many of the 100,000 Chinese nationals at our Canadian universities. Let Canadian kids into those spaces, too. And stop the massive technology transfer and outright espionage conducted by some of that group.

This is hard to do, because we have gone so far the wrong way. So much of our lives are "made in China."

But you know, our pandemic was made in China, too. And so was the cover-up.

The danger still comes from China. Let’s at least start acting like it — and maybe one day, the Chinese people will be free.

NEXT: The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms takes issue with Premier Jason Kenney's Bill 10, which it says gives the Alberta government "sweeping new powers to create new laws without Legislative Assembly approval."

Tonight, our friend John Carpay of the JCCF joins me to talk about it.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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  • By Ezra Levant


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