Elon Musk destroys the BBC — and Justin Trudeau destroys another charity

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You’ve got to see this exchange between Elon Musk and a BBC reporter. It’s not even important what the BBC reporter’s name is — he’s what video gamers call an NPC, a non-player character, an unimportant, interchangeable part of the regime, a cameo, really.

Just watch:

Love that. It was the best thing on British TV since this slaughter: Jordan Peterson v. Cathy Newman on Channel 4

Elon Musk is the richest man, he’s probably one of the smartest men, too. I mean, seriously — do your homework before you take a run at him.

Now, back to Canada, with a look at this story from The Globe and MailTrudeau Foundation to review donation from benefactors in China.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is planning an outside review of a controversial Beijing-linked donation, after concerns were raised internally about possible wrongdoing.

Conversations with four key people associated with the Trudeau Foundation show an organization bitterly divided over how to handle the 2016 gift, which The Globe and Mail reported in late February came from the government of China as part of an influence operation to curry favour with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Globe is not identifying the sources, because they were not authorized to discuss internal foundation matters.

Oh. I thought the Liberals said it was outside politicization. Isn’t that what Trudeau said?

Toxic — I love that word. It’s always gaslighting, always projecting, always accusing you of doing what he did.

Allan Rock got into it, bizarrely.

What’s he doing? I bet he was involved. Why else would he come forward like that? Out of the blue, so long obscure? I bet they’re worried.

I told you the other day about the structural problems here. It’s a charity that was given $125M in advance — who does that? Who pays an organization a lifetime’s worth of cash in advance? You don’t pay 10 years of rent in advance, you don’t subscribe to a newspaper for 10 years in advance. Who does that? And then lets the family itself appoint directors — literally hardwired to favour a family, by name?

Gee, I wonder why it turned into a money-laundering slush fund. They were copying the WE Charity, weren’t they?

And just like that WE Charity, that was funded for the benefit of Craig Kielburger and his family, same with this money-laundering operation:

The agreement with the two Chinese businessmen who initially took credit for the donation was signed by Alexandre Trudeau, brother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a foundation board member at the time. The other signatories were then-University of Montreal rector Guy Breton and then-law school dean Jean-Francois Gaudreault-DesBiens, university spokesperson Genevieve O’Meara said.

Oh. So Alexandre Trudeau took care of the donation, eh? That’s odd for him to be right at the middle of the money, isn’t it? But Trudeau said there was no connection, didn’t he?

He always lies, doesn’t he? Just like when the Globe and Mail — same reporters, actually — revealed the truth about Jody Wilson-Raybould being fired for not being corrupt. Remember Trudeau’s first response to that?

That’s just a lie. I think the Globe is on to Trudeau now.

But let me show you a few things that I know about Alexandre Trudeau. Why would he accept the cheque? Isn’t that for accountants to do? For staff to do? Why did he do it?

Here’s some clues. Remember I mentioned that Alexandre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s brother, his policy adviser during his leadership run, he literally had the dictatorship of China publish his book. In fact, they suggested it.

Did you know that? That China itself pushed Trudeau to write his propaganda book? The year this happened — 2016 — same as the big cash gift. That Alexandre Trudeau himself signed for.

And he wasn’t just happy to write for them — a book that, let’s be honest, few people would read. But he went on a propaganda tour for them:

I’m still an outsider there – a Barbarian – but what China has given me is a perspective on the West. From China, it’s much easier to understand the West. I now look at our own
freedoms with a little more circumspection and consider some of the irresponsible nature of some of the freedoms we enjoy. I think China has a lot to say, especially Old China.

And this propaganda was given by Alexandre to Justin, right before his state visit to China.

“He read it a week before he left for China and he told me it helped him get up to speed in what to think and feel about China,” Alexandre said.

So that $200K gift to the Trudeau Foundation was to literally place their asset right inside the Trudeau family.

It was so gross, people started noticing:

Is Sacha Trudeau, perhaps, an apologist for the Communist Party of China? He openly discusses the question in the book. He doesn’t believe China “could have come so far so
quickly without the unity and organizational power” the CPC [Communist Party of China] has provided. “The Chinese story, especially the recent one over the last 30-40 years, is perhaps the greatest success story in human history, in terms of the amount of wealth created.”

Yeah. So we’ve had a lot of news about Joe Biden and his son Hunter being in the pay of Chinese dictators and Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs. And that’s big news. But don’t you think it’s bigger news, here in Canada, that Trudeau’s own brother Alexandre was and probably still is a Chinese asset?

I’m not sure which is more scandalous — that, or the fact that a $125 million slush fund has been used as the family’s own piggy-bank.

GUEST: Xi Van Fleet, a survivor of Mao Zhedong's Cultural Revolution in China, speaks on the modern struggle sessions taking place in America today.

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