The war on civil liberties: How we're fighting back against Canada's Chinese-style police

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For more than a year I’ve been showing you dystopian videos of policing in China.

The Chinese have laws requiring “social credit” before you even get the right to use the Internet, to use a cell phone, to book a plane or train ticket. If you show any “anti-social” behaviour, by which they mean any disagreement with the Chinese police state, they’ll simply keep you off the Internet, ban you from travel, even from renting certain apartments in the cities.

The coronavirus has come, and I think it’s not premature to say that it’s now past its peak in Canada. The curve has been flattened — or more to the point, it was never that high to begin with.

So as the medical risk subsides, the economic risk grows.

Watching the Canadian unemployment rate climb, seeing the poverty and depression and stress translate into suicides is very sad.

But there’s another pain, one of watching the Chinese police-style violations of our civil liberties here in Canada.

On tonight's show, we'll talk about our Fight The Fines campaign to help Canadians take on outrageous “social distancing” fines handed out by police. To see more cases, and to help by chipping in, please visit

NEXT: Conservative Party MP Derek Sloan joins me to talk about the backlash he received from criticizing Canada's top public health official Dr. Theresa Tam.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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  • By Ezra Levant


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