Shocking new poll by Trudeau-connected lobbying firm shows nearly half of Canadians want to sell the CBC!

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The Liberals are so crooked. They’re always selling influence. I saw the shocking news about the $13B payment to Volkswagen, one of the richest companies in the world, to get them to build a $7 billion factory in Ontario.

Yeah, the math doesn’t add up. How many Liberal party lobbyists do you think got their payoffs for that?

This is a government that bans natural private sector investment in oilsands or mines or pipelines. But taxes the productive sector to give a free factory to a rich foreign multinational. By the way, do you really think these will be new jobs? They’ll just hire away talented workers from other companies in the auto industry. This is inflationary; it’s wasteful; it’s the government bizarrely picking and choosing winners and loser in the business; it’s extremely anti-environmental — if you think car batteries are environmental I encourage to Google “rare earth minerals” like lithium and look at how they’re mined, and by whom, and in what conditions. And Google what happens to those batteries when the car is done.

Yeah, not environmental.

This is the government that shut down tens of billions in natural investment in pipelines, and literally turned away the leaders of Germany and Japan when they came to us begging to buy our clean natural gas. Trudeau said there just wasn’t a business case for it. Then those countries signed huge deals, including with America, and with the dictatorship of Qatar. There literally is no business case for $13B for a $7B plant. So Trudeau loved it.

I wonder how deep Gerald Butts and the rest of the lobbyists are in to this. So yeah, corruption is normal for these folks. I note that a year after Trudeau became prime minister, his communications director, her husband Perry Tsergas set up a lobbying firm to lobby Trudeau.

Let me say that again. Why not — the husband of Katie Telford, Trudeau’s chief of staff, is part of a firm that bills $84 million to Trudeau to manage rent assistance. It’s not really rent assistance, is it. It’s Liberal party insider assistance.

Anyways, the company set up by the husband of Trudeau’s communications director is called Spark Advocacy. And they published a poll the other day. It’s a Liberal shop, a Trudeau influence machine. So I’d normally take what they say with a grain of salt — it’s going to be pro-Trudeau propaganda.

So when it’s critical of Trudeau, or at least embarrassing to him, when they report something dangerous to him, I take it seriously. Because you know they don’t say that normally or casually. Look at this, I spotted this yesterday:

CBC Support is softer than you might think: It’s not quite 100 years old, and it’s not a sure thing it will make it to 100.

That’s their headline. And it’s a story written by Bruce Anderson, another Liberal insider, who is the dad of that same Kate Purchase, Trudeau’s first communications director. So it’s all in the family here.

Let me read:

Shut it down?

As Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre ratchets up his campaign to “defund the CBC”, many observers are tempted to believe that he is alienating a huge swath of Canadians. Not necessarily.

I’m thinking of Chantal Hebert of the Toronto Star. Oh, she’s also with the Trudeau Foundation, by the way, but she doesn’t mention that most of the time. It’s a little secret she doesn’t bother telling her readers.

She wrote this the other day:

Here’s a line from it:

Until now, Poilievre’s English-only vendetta against the CBC had largely gone unnoticed in the province. But that ended with the Conservative leader’s latest vocal efforts to depict the CBC as a propaganda tool of the Liberal government.

In Quebec, Poilievre’s high-profile crusade raised a host of fresh questions as to how a Conservative government would treat Radio-Canada.

(That’s the Quebec wing of the CBC.)

Funny enough, Chantal Hebert doesn’t disclose that she also works for the CBC.

Bit of a pattern here. Defending Trudeau, defending the CBC, while taking cash from each of them. Sounds about right for a Quebec Liberals.

But is it true? Is attacking the CBC really as dangerous to the Conservatives as the Toronto Star and the CBC says? I mean, it’s usually nuts to take advice from your political opponents. But is it true? Well, let’s ask the consummate Liberal party family — Kate and Perry and Bruce over at Spark:

Our spark*insights research reveals that across the country, 45% are drawn to the argument “shut the CBC down to save tax dollars” and only a bare majority (55%) choose “I value the CBC and want it maintained”, given these two alternatives. (Sample size 1200, Nationwide, April 18-20th, 2023, online, field work by Abacus Data)

Yikes. That high, 45-55%? Even with the CBC in full war mode, and the Toronto Star helping, and Trudeau helping? Almost half the people are ready to flush the CBC?

I’ll read more. This is a Liberal firm, I repeat:

To be sure, Conservative voters (66%) lead the way in enthusiasm for shutting the Corporation down, but just over one in three (36%) of Liberal voters feel this way, and a third of NDP voters do too. A striking number in the mix has to do with younger people. A majority of those under 30 (55%) would close the CBC down. And while Albertans (57%) lead all regions in desire to end the CBC, Québec residents are not that far behind (47%).

Young people just don’t trust the CBC. Look at that — 55% of people under 29 want to defund it.

Of course they do — they’re watching Netflix or Amazon Prime or Crave or HBO or Disney Plus or whatever. No-one wants to watch CBC, let alone to be forced to pay for it.

I’m surprised that so many seniors like it — normally seniors are more conservative, but I guess they’re just in a rut, in a habit of watching it. You watch something for 40 years, before the age of 100 channels and a million websites, and you get used to it, even if you don’t like it.

Obviously conservatives and PPC members hate it. But even a third of NDP and 36% of Liberals want to sell it! Albertans and the Prairies, obviously. Almost 50-50 in Ontario and Quebec.

But my favourite question is one reason for this. Defund or not to defund — that’s a good question. But look at this: Is CBC News Propaganda?

While most people don’t think CBC news is propaganda, a striking 40% believe the opposite. Once again, young people are far more likely than older people to feel this way.

Again, young people the most skeptical — 55% say it’s lies. It goes down by age — you’d think older people would be savvier, more skeptical.

And look at the provincial stats. The Prairies despise the CBC — but they’re only returning the favour. On issues that matter to the Prairies, from the oilsands to mining to pipelines to the carbon tax to firearms, to provincial rights to opposition to French bilingualism — the CBC is a propaganda agency. It’s not even really a question, or a matter of opinion.

Just incredible. Here’s what Liberal Bruce Anderson has to say in the “What to make of it?” portion:

Times have changed in the media landscape and there is far less attachment to the CBC than once was the case. Presumably this has a lot to do with the explosion of options for news and entertainment in the digital age, which is reflected in the massive age differences.

But there is also possibly a lack of anticipation or consideration of what would be lost, if the CBC was no more. If people think it’s not that necessary, then cutting government spending in this area seems like an easy choice.

Yeah guys. You don’t know what you’re missing. You don’t know what you’ll lose. Sure.

Here’s more:

These numbers don’t exactly say that Conservative Leader Poilievre has a winning strategy, but they should put to rest the notion that he is speaking to a tiny sentiment of the most rabid parts of the right wing.

Have you ever heard someone in the establishment say the words, “rabid left wing”, by the way?

But Bruce and the Liberal lobbyists are worried.

So the Liberal lobbyist say the CBC should do some lobbying — I presume, they should hired this firm:

The CBC, regardless of how the near term of this debate plays out, clearly has a fight on its hands to re-construct a strong attachment with Canadians, and to bolster credibility, something that will be made more difficult, the more politically contentious the topic becomes in national politics.

Hey, speaking of which.

You know the president of the CBC, Catherine Tait? The American who is based in New York, and commutes in to Toronto every week? Who refused to move up here to take the job? The one who had to fly every week during covid — because she was so essential? That Catherine Tait?

Did you know that not only is she an American, but she literally donated money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign?

An American, living in America, donating to Hillary Clinton — that’s who’s running Trudeau's state broadcaster.

Gee — I wonder why she’s just not clicking with 45% of Canadians, or any young people?

GUEST: Benjamin Weingarten (@BHWeingarten on Twitter) joins to discuss his column in the Epoch Times discussing the Biden administration's purge of “wrong-think” from the White House.

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