The RCMP seriously considered charging Trudeau — until one cop said he could pardon himself

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Here’s a story from the Globe and Mail yesterday. Here’s how it looked in the printed version: 

“RCMP considered whether to charge PM over Aga Khan Trip; Police ultimately decided rules were unclear about Trudeau’s ability to approve his own vacation.

The RCMP considered charging Justin Trudeau with fraud over a family vacation at the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas, but decided against doing so because it was unclear if the prime minister had the authority to approve the all-expenses-paid gift for himself.”

Oh. So I guess if it’s unclear, better let him walk.

That’s what the headline and story looked like at first.

But I see this happening a lot, especially with news media that take money from Justin Trudeau. The original headline is changed — at least online, if it can’t be changed on paper copies that have already been printed. And since most people read the news online these days, it’s like the original never existed.

So here’s what the headline of that same story looks like nowTrudeau faces backlash in House over inquiry into Aga Khan trip

So the news isn’t anymore that Trudeau was facing criminal charges. No; now that news is that awful backlash from those awful Conservatives. Always lashing out, lashing back.

And here’s the first sentence in the story now:

The Liberal government sidestepped opposition questions about an RCMP inquiry into Justin Trudeau’s family vacation at the Aga Khan’s Bahamian retreat, saying on Monday that the country faces more important issues than the Prime Minister’s past ethical conduct.

Oh. So the headline is those lashing conservatives, and the first sentence is no longer the news, the accusation, the facts — the RCMP considered charging him; the first sentence is now his excuse — there are more important things to talk about.

Well, look. The Globe and Mail is owned by Canada’s richest oligarchs — the Thomson family. But you don’t get to be that rich by letting free money slip through your fingers. I mean, a billion here, a billion there, it really adds up.

So the Globe and Mail takes tens of millions of dollars in newspaper bail-out money from Trudeau — extracted from working class taxpayers who have no use for that snobby newspaper other than to line their bird cage.

But what it does is make the Globe — like the rest of the bailout media — very sensitive to hurting Trudeau’s feelings. There is no doubt in my mind that the PMO called up the Globe and had them change the headline and the lede in that story to soften it for the boss.

But it’s true, the Conservatives did “lash back”. Here’s a clip of the exchange in question period. Not very lashing, to be honest.

Now you might remember, Trudeau and his gold-digger wife wanted to party in the Bahamas like they were rockstars, but they certainly didn’t want to pay for it themselves. So Trudeau asked the billionaire Aga Khan to use his private island for free — at least $200,000 value — and Trudeau kept that a secret.

Here’s how the Globe puts it, a bit lower down in the story:

Mr. Trudeau and his family went to the Aga Khan’s private island at Christmas, 2016, even though the Ismaili Muslim leader had millions of dollars in dealings with the federal government. In 2017, then-ethics commissioner Mary Dawson found he violated the Conflict of Interest Act by accepting the vacation, because of continuing official business between the government and the Aga Khan. The Aga Khan Foundation Canada has received nearly $330-million from the federal government since 1981.

And that’s the problem. Justin Trudeau and the Aga Khan weren’t really friends — the Aga Khan was friends with Trudeau’s dad Pierre. But look, many of Justin Trudeau’s friends are just friends he “inherited” from his dad. It’s just that this “friend” also get hundreds of millions of dollars from the Canadian government.

So it would have been weird to receive a greedy personal call demanding a secret luxury holiday for Trudeau and his family and his friends — it wasn’t just Trudeau himself. He brought the whole team.

But if you’re asking the government of Canada for hundreds of millions of dollars, you bet you’re going to give the prime minister whatever personal loot bag he wants. I mean, what’s the rate of return on that — so you have to really clean out the hot tub afterwards, and restock the liquor cabinet. But you’re pretty sure that you’re going to get your next $330 million cheque in the mail.

That’s good business. That’s a third of a billion dollars.

But that’s illegal. Pretty obvious. The ethics commissioner investigated and convicted him of breaking the conflict of interest act. The penalty? A $500 fine. I’m serious.

You can find that report online — it’s called the Trudeau Report. Published by the ethics commissioner, who had a trial on the matter.

But when you fine a man $500 for taking a free $200,000 vacation, you’re not exactly making it a deterrent, are you?

Trudeau has broken the conflict of interest act more than all other prime ministers combined — because he’s in fact the only one to violate them at all. But he really doesn’t care what judges or courts say — that’s for the little people.

I’m reminded of that day when the Federal Court ordered Trudeau to accredit Rebel News journalists at the election debates, and the judges declared that we were in fact journalists who had to be let in. So the federal court’s ruling was hours old!

But Trudeau didn’t care — he didn’t care what some lowly judge had to say. Yeah, do you really think he cares what a judge says? What anyone says?

The corruption is out of control, off the hook. But this story on the front page of the Globe, the story that the Conservative MPs had a “backlash” over, it’s quite something.

Guest: Alexa Lavoie speaks about Roxham Road, the popular illegal border crossing into Quebec. 

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