This is one of the worst cases of pandemic disinformation I’ve seen so far — and you’ll be so disappointed where it was published

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let me show you some pandemic disinformation I saw today — in all places, I saw it in the National Post, that so-called conservative newspaper founded 24 years ago by Conrad Black. I remember those days — the newspaper stood for something.

Other than Rex Murphy and Conrad Black himself, and Rupa Subramanya’s weekly column, it’s pretty indistinguishable from the Globe and Mail. I blame some terrible hiring decisions over the past decade. I mean, seriously, literally a majority of the staff there signed a whiny, woke letter calling for Rex Murphy to be fired because he said Canada is not a systemically racist country. They should have all been fired, frankly — none of them believe in freedom of speech; none of them had any loyalty to their company; none of them could hold a candle to Rex Murphy. So, so gross. Sp there’s been problems there for a while. But then add in the fact that Postmedia is the number one recipient of Trudeau’s bail-out money (other than the CBC I suppose) and it makes a bit more sense.

Which is how I explain this act of propaganda and disinformation:

Really? Well I’m interested — what myths are they talking about? I don’t trust statistics much these days, but apparently about an eighth of people aren’t vaxxed at all; and surely some who are vaxxed got vaxxed under some sort of duress — they were pressured, on pain of being fired, or kicked out of school, for example. Or being banned from travelling.

But I’m game. What are the myths? Here’s the story:

One in eight Canadians believe vaccine myths, survey reveals

OK. And then the sub headline, called the deck in newspaper lingo:

The most widely held myth was 'researchers rushed the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, so its effectiveness and safety cannot be trusted’

Hang on. Right there. It was rushed. It was literally dubbed operation warp speed. Vaccines are never made in a year. So that’s not a myth. And the second part of that sentence — its effectiveness and safety cannot be trusted.

Well, that’s not a scientific matter of fact; it’s a personal matter of opinion. Whether or not you trust someone or something isn’t a myth or a fact, it’s a personal choice. How is not trusting something a myth?

This survey is propaganda. Publishing it is propaganda.

They’re trying to fact-check your opinions — to make sure you conform to what they say. Even if what they say seems to change every week.

A lot of industries and professions have lost a lot of trust in the past two years. I think the mainstream media has lost the most.

GUEST: Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier), leader of the People's Party of Canada on having one of his two COVID charges dropped in Saskatchewan.

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