Get ready for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines

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Trudeau just signed a contract with CanSino, a Chinese company affiliated with China’s People’s Liberation Army. The partnership pays CanSino to do research on a coronavirus vaccine, and will make Canadians in Nova Scotia the human guinea pigs to test it.

We’re literally paying China to make vaccines, and to test it on Canadians. Trudeau has already bought 37 million syringes, which just happens to work out to exactly one syringe per person in Canada, even for babies.

So, yeah, what do you think is coming? A vaccine that will be given to 37 million of us.

You go first, Justin. Let’s see you poke that Made In China needle into your own dear children’s arm first. I don’t want to see that, actually. Because I bear no malice towards his children.

And, luckily, children don’t get the coronavirus. I mean, they can carry the virus, but they don’t usually get sick from it, and in a country of 37 million people, with about 10 million of whom are babies or kids or teenagers, a grand total of one child has died from the virus — and they had a terminal illness to begin with.

Do you think that a virus vaccine, hastily concocted in China, and then jabbed into 10 million arms — do you think it will have fewer than a one in 10 million chance of causing side effects?

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