Curfews, soldiers, massive fines: Victoria, Australia declares martial law over COVID-19

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The state of Victoria in Australia has almost seven million people in it.

And like all of Australia, it had been spared the coronavirus compared to the rest of the world.

But then they decided to quarantine all returning travellers from overseas in the same hotel. And they decided to guard that hotel with “security” “guards” they found online for cheap. 

And some of those quarantined travellers who were cooped up and bored started having sex with those “security” “guards” they had found through some online help wanted ads. And so — I know, this is shocking to hear — the government’s solution actually made things worse.

The premier of Victoria state is a socialist named Dan Andrews. He’s the worst. He is signing treaties and partnerships with Communist China, in the face of his own federal government’s opposition to Communist China. 

So when he had an outbreak of the virus from his hotel sex strategy, he followed his role models in how to fix it — total authoritarian crackdown.

I don’t mean a few tickets like we’ve seen in our campaigns — this is on a whole other level:

"Victoria has 439 new covid19 cases. 38 Victorians in ICU. 11 new deaths (all in aged care)"

I’m sorry to hear about 11 deaths. It’s important to note that, like across the west, the death toll is overwhelmingly very old people who are locked up in old folks homes. I’m not happy about any of that. But it’s 11 people in a state of seven million.

Now look at this:

3,000 doors knocks conducted
More than 800 ppl weren’t home
Exercise now BANNED for people isolating
500+ ADF coming to VIC
Close contacts of known cases will be door knocked randomly, too
New $4957 fines for individuals who breach isolation

So you’re literally sending armed soldiers from the Australian Defence Forces to the homes of people who are sick. And their friends. For what, again?

Fines for people who step outside of their house? As we’ve told you before, the virus doesn’t transmit outdoors through casual contact. It transmits in the house. And $5,000 fines — so, bankruptcy for the average Joe.

There's more:

161 fines issued yards
60 for no masks
Someone bought a car after 8pm
Police had to smash windows of 4 cars after occupants refused to give details
38y/o woman not wearing a mask smashed police woman’s head into concrete - she’s been charged + bailed

Police “had to smash windows of four cars.” I mean, they absolutely had to, guys. Public health depended on it! Someone’s in a car, windows rolled up. Chance of spreading the virus, zero. Better smash the glass. Were there kids in the car? Who cares? It’s for their health!

More rules: Stay at home, with a one hour limit in 24 hours for exercise. No visitors. No weddings.

You can't get in a car with someone who doesn't live with you, either.

TONIGHT I'll take you through the rest of the insanity going on in the state of Victoria. You won't believe it.

Even the Soviets didn’t live like this.

Are they surprised that some people are snapping?

A young policewoman who was enforcing coronavirus restrictions in Melbourne's south-east has allegedly had her head repeatedly smashed into concrete paving during a confrontation with a woman who wasn't wearing a mask.

I don’t support smashing a cop. But you’re going to see more of that. You treat people like prisoners — they’re literally getting the Australian prison authorities to enforce things — don’t be surprised to get the odd prison riot.

Say — if Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam and Patty Hajdu ever decided to go full Mao Zedong on us here in Canada, do you really think that either the Media Party — or the Conservative party — would even object?

I mean: they haven’t so far, have they?

NEXT: One of the world's experts on China-US relations, Gordon Chang, joins me to talk about the bizarre "China seeds" story. 

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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