What have they done to you?

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I get bogged down into details sometimes. That’s where the devil is, they say. And it’s true. The details are important. Important details I’ve been looking at lately include the fact that in Ontario, for example, there are just over 3 million minors, people under age 20.

And since the pandemic began, there have been a grand total of four minors who have died from the virus. That’s about one in a million.

That’s a useful detail to know. It reminds us that our first reaction to the pandemic in March of 2020 was wrong — it’s not something that affects all of us equally. It practically spares the young, at least in terms of serious health effects.

Another detail we’ve learned helps explain the anomaly we all saw, dating back to March 2020. Why does Quebec, with just a quarter of Canada’s population have half of the deaths? Is it particularly unhealthy over there?

Well, here’s what I wrote almost exactly a year ago:

I think the details help us see things. I notice changes in phrasing.

Two weeks to flatten the curve — that meant that we all didn’t all get sick at once and swamp the hospitals. Flatten the curve doesn’t mean we won’t get sick.

It just means it happens at a slower rate so the hospitals can treat us. It doesn’t mean zero COVID. It means manageable COVID.

And yet the lockdowns are moving into high gear, with vaccine passports, which are really a way of digitizing your entire life, connecting your every private detail to your political rights — your health information, and linking it to your ability to shop, dine, live, travel, everything.

It’s not about a sickness anymore, is it.

Are you feeling a sense of futility yet? If you’ve refused the vaccine, you might be.

How many times can you explain to the brainwashed masses that you have good reason to avoid taking an experimental drug? How long will the hysteria last? How can these mindless leftists possibly continue blindly to follow the immoral authority of the CDC, and somehow have the audacity to label themselves intellectuals?

Will we ever return to pre-COVID norms, where a virus didn’t dominate our daily lives?

But pull the camera back; get a wider view. It’s the entire socialization of the entire population as prisoners now.

Permanent, perpetual prisoners, who must obey politicians and heretofore anonymous health bureaucrats. Few if any of these rules are debated, let alone voted on — vaccine passports aren’t being voted on, but they’re arriving now.

Our entire society has been rewired; everything has been changed. And it started, and continues, with rewiring you, and how you think, and feel, even about yourself.

We've all been brainwashed in a way, haven’t we?

And if you say, no you haven’t, maybe you’re so far gone, you’re numb to it, and don’t even notice anymore.

GUEST: Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot on Twitter) on the claim that your CO2-laden breath is killing people.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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