On a list of the world’s happiest countries, Canada falls to a new low

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This popped up on my Twitter feed today:

Well, normally Canada does pretty well on lists like this — pseudo scientific lists that are really just PR agencies, promoting some globalist/socialist scheme.

But I had never heard of the World Happiness Report. And frankly, I’m even more skeptical of it than the UN’s Human Development Index. How do you measure happiness?

But there are some ways; I guess one way to start is simply by asking people. And to try to show some attempt at standardization; you know, in science, one of the tests of an experiment is: is it replicable? If you do the test again will it yield the same results? That’s an attempt to bring rigor to social sciences. It’s a bit of art.

But with that disclaimer, look at this.

Turns out, this World Happiness Report is a UN project too — but it also has private companies and private donors, and a lot of participation from Canada as a matter of fact. Canadian universities, a Canadian government grant, of course.

So how is Canada doing? Let me tell you:

France reached its highest ranking to date, at 20th, while Canada slipped to its lowest ranking ever, at 15th, just behind Germany at 14th and followed closely by the United States and the United Kingdom at 16th and 17th.

Ten years ago, Canada was ranked fifth. Fifth! How could that be! Under the evil Stephen Harper!

From fifth place to fifteenth! You’d think that would be on the news. Oh, it would be if Harper were presiding over our unhappiness. No surprise the news is buried with Trudeau.

Don’t get me wrong. We’re still better than many third world countries. At least until Trudeau goes full Castro and censors the internet and seizes your bank account, shuts down farms and farmers, and brings in mandatory digital ID surveillance. That really is a Cuban level of misery.

Look at Canada — 35 days of anxiety — more than any other! And look at sorrow — Only the UK and New Zealand were worse.

That’s not a virus. That’s the lockdown. That’s fear mongering. That’s Trudeau and Theresa Tam — and the media party, and the rest of the establishment.

Trudeau made us sad, and anxious. He made us depressed; he demoralized us. He made us miserable.

Don’t take it from me. Take it from a study his government funded.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano (@Franco_Nomics) of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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