The World Economic Forum wants you to give up your car

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

First, they wanted you to chow down on insects. And now? Well, now like the repo man on steroids, they’re coming for your car...

When I say “they”, I am, of course, referring to the entitled elitists who comprise the World Economic Forum, an entity that seems to be hellbent on turning developed countries into Third World countries. This is due to WEFers recommending policies that amount to nothing more than pompous virtue signaling, which go hand in glove with their Marxist mission statement of “building back better.”

As the saying goes, like so many others, I’m a common man, I drive a common van. But apparently in the eyes of WEF Grand Poobah Klaus Schwab, piloting anything with an internal combustion engine under the bonnet is a shameful display of excess. And it must come to an end. As per usual, it’s all about climate change… or is it the climate crisis? Or is it the climate emergency?

GUEST: Jim Karahalios (@JimKarahalios)

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