SPECIAL: Highlights from new Rebel News reporters

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It may surprise you to know that only one person on the Rebel News team has a journalism degree: David Menzies.

In fact, I'm hesitant to hire anyone who went to journalism school, because to become true "rebels," they have to un-learn a lot of what they were told in university.

TONIGHT, I'd like to offer you some highlights from the work by our newest Rebels:

Drea Humphrey from British Columbia; Tamara Ugolini from Cobourg, Ontario; Lisa Song Sutton in Las Vegas, Nevada — plus two fellows who work behind the scenes at Rebel News headquarters in Toronto who have recently stepped in front of the camera: Andrew Chapados and cameraman Mocha Bezirgan.

We hope you're as excited and impressed as we are to be able to bring you these new faces and voices. 

Rebel News is growing all the time, and it's only possible thanks to your generosity. 

We are 100 per cent viewer-supported!

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  • By Keean Bexte

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