Australia says a vaccine will be mandatory. Do you doubt Trudeau will follow suit?

Australia has a population of 25,000,000. So Canada is exactly 50 per cent more populous.

Australia has had only 450 deaths from the COVID19 virus.

And only 13 of those deaths are from people under age 60.

Canada, by contrast, has had more than 9,000 deaths.

So, to be proportionate, Australia would be at 6,000. They’re not even at 600. But they’re panicking like nothing I’ve ever seen in the free world.

TONIGHT I'll show you the stats, from their official pandemic page.

Nobody under age 30. Nobody. Two guys under age 40. Two guys under age 50.

That’s a grand total of four people under age 50. In a country of 25 million souls.

I don’t see the statistic broken out, but looking at the graph, the average age appears to be about 85. Which is the same as it has been across the west.

But now Australia has mask drones, to spy on your and stop you from being outside. But outside is the healthiest place.

Oh, and then there’s this quip — the prime minister of Australia, who calls himself conservative — he’s letting you know that it’s mandatory, mate. There is no vaccine yet; there is nothing that’s even been tested. But it’s mandatory.

If you think that’s bad, New Zealand just cancelled its elections

There are currently exactly five people in all of New Zealand in the hospital. Five. Not five hundred. Five, as in five fingers on your hand.

Do you think Trudeau will make vaccines mandatory?

He bought 37 million syringes, one for every man, woman and baby. He signed a contract with the Chinese military to participate in their vaccine program.

What do you think he’s going to do?

NEXT: Ryan Hartwig, a former Facebook censor, joins me to talk about his former company, which was based in the U.S., censoring Canadian content about the 2019 election on Facebook.

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