Mainstream media can't figure out why Canadians are heckling Justin Trudeau

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Have you seen what’s been happening out on the Justin Trudeau campaign trail recently?

What was supposed to be friendly photo ops with the Prime Minister and adoring super fans has morphed into Trudeau running away from the Canadian electorate.

But the disbelief regarding the media party members regarding these hostile receptions speaks volumes. Justin’s their boy, after all. He’s siphoning millions (and in the case of the CBC, billions) of taxpayer dollars to pay them off. They can’t believe that anyone would have anything disruptive to say about Justin Trudeau. He’s so loveable, and what a head of hair.

And so it is that the media narrative is now pursuing this theme: Who’s paying these protesters?

On the 2021 campaign trail, there has been no vandalism. Neither Justin nor his buses have been pelted with vegetables or eggs or rocks. Nobody’s even mooned him to the best of my knowledge. It’s just been some harsh language and a few impolite signs.

But to the members of Justin Trudeau’s Media Party, we are living through a period of infamy.

But if Trudeau and his state-sponsored sluggos can’t take the heat, maybe they just oughta get out of the political kitchen?

GUEST: Ontario MPP Rick Nicholls (@RickNichollsCKL on Twitter)

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