All about Dr. Eileen de Villa, the bureaucrat who ordered the raid on a peaceful Toronto barbecue restaurant

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Who has the power to order dozens of police to raid a peaceful barbecue restaurant, change its locks, seize the property, seize its owner and jail him overnight without a trial?

Normally the answer, in a democracy like ours, would be that an independent police commander would make the operational decision that such a raid is necessary, and then lawyers would convince a judge in court for a search warrant. So you’d have a couple of checks and balances — a police commander using his discretion, and a judge scrutinizing the legality of such a move.

That didn’t happen last week.

The “order” came from an unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat who works for the mayor — the public health officer no-one had heard of until the pandemic made her a “media star”: Eileen de Villa.

There are a hundred public health officers across Canada.

Not one of them elected; every one of them enjoying their fame and power.

Each one of them with an interest in extending and enjoying the pandemic — for fame, for power, for empire-building. For settling scores, including with blue collar cooks like Adam Skelly who just doesn’t know his place.

Normally the Eileen de Villas of the world spend their time disinfecting E.coli outbreaks and teaching restaurant staff safe food handling techniques. Now she’s queen of all she surveys, including Canada’s largest municipal police force.

Yeah, I didn’t sign up for this — did you?

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  • By David Menzies

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