Trudeau's CBC state broadcaster decides that there are 18 words you shouldn't say anymore

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I have to give the Trudeau bail-out newspaper the National Post credit today, because they nailed it.

Here’s their front page:

Now that’s a bit of a weird sentence — like the phrase, The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog. You know that one — that’s a sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet. So it’s fun.

Well, that weird sentence on the front page, as you can sort of tell, uses ten of the 18 words that the CBC says should be banned.

Seriously. Here’s that story, being tweeted by CBC News.

I love that part. News. CBC News. This is news, people. Not opinion. It’s news:

I swear I thought that was a joke, something from a satirical website like the Babylon Bee. It is a joke, but the jokes on you — you pay $1.5 billion a year for this.

But how depressing to see the reactions to it. All the CBC journalists across the country started saying: OK, I’ve got my new marching orders!

On tonight's show, we'll read through the article and look at the reactions from journalists and politicians across the country.

The CBC wants to sow the seeds of racism and division. They claim to be anti-racists; they’re racists. They claim to want to heal; they tear apart. If Canada were a racist hotbed, people wouldn’t be streaming here in record unrelenting numbers. I admit there are some racists like our blackface prime minister. But those are anomalies.

These hucksters at the CBC — including people who come here from truly awful places, and then call us the awful ones — they’re the racists. They’re the dividers. They’re the bigots.

GUEST: Bree A. Dail (Follow @BreeADail on Twitter)

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