Why is Justin Trudeau so afraid of the working class?

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For what it is worth, my initial experience with General Motors dates back to 1980. I was still in high school at the time and I decided that the acquisition of a boss car would perhaps marginally improve my dating chances. So it was that I made the single most tragic financial decision of my life: I sold an appreciating asset – that would be my comic book collection – in order to purchase a depreciating asset – that would be a used 1974 Chevy Camaro. In the department of insult to injury, in just two years, the Camaro would be rendered a write-off.

What an investment, eh? Especially given that the Chevy failed to clinch a date. Yeah, that’s right: I’m blaming my lack of romantic success on an automobile. Maybe I should’ve splurged for a set of chrome-coloured mag wheels… Oh, and P.S., had I held on to that comic book collection, I could buy a new Ferrari off the lot today. Loser!

My only other GM experience came via Lady Menzoid acquiring a Chevrolet Venture minivan in 2001 and a Chevrolet Uplander minivan in 2009. Same van, different name. If GM believed in truth in advertising, they should’ve called these vehicles Chevrolet Dump Trucks, better served for hauling garbage rather than people. Actually, a garbage-hauler is too kind. Indeed, I think of that classic Klingon put-down of the Starship Enterprise in The Trouble with Tribbles:

Yeah, those GM minivans were cheap to acquire… and the ownership experience was proof positive that the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is true.

Indeed, those Chevy minivans in no way resembled such superb products as the Toyota Sienna or the Honda Odyssey … which might explain why GM got out of the minivan business more than a decade ago while its Japanese competitors still sell these vehicles in impressive numbers.

So, you may ask, why am I going down memory lane vis-à-vis my experiences with GM?

Well, it’s because yesterday, I had my absolute worst GM experience. And it had nothing to do with a GM product and everything to do with GM politics.

You see, ace videographer Lincoln Jay and I ventured out to Ingersoll, Ontario, the site of GM’s CAMI factory, which is currently being retooled to make electric commercial vans.

By the way, we weren’t crashing a party here, because on Sunday evening I was personally invited to this press conference. Stated the invite:

“GM officials will be joined by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Ontario Minister Vic Fedeli for an announcement.” Oh, joy! I thought. GM is actually officially inviting me to an event involving the PM and the Premier, both of whom look upon Rebel News staffers these days as being so many skunks to the garden party.

But the truth of the matter – and you won’t see this reported in any legacy media outlets – I had already been tipped off by an insider regarding some shenanigans that would be taking place that day.

Which is to say, the head honchos at the plant, which is still being re-tooled for EV production, told about 150 construction workers and some 50 programmers to stay home that day.

Why? Well, that’s the thing: no reason was given! Just that all of these tradespeople were suddenly deemed to be persona non grata – at least for the Monday press event.

Don’t you find that odd? And the workers were mightily miffed. Missing a day’s work meant losing 8 hours of regular salary plus 2 hours’ worth of overtime. Canadians are hurting these days given inflation and rising interest rates. So why were they being given an unwanted day off?

According to sources, the unspoken strategy was this: Justin Trudeau is increasingly morphing into a control freak these days. That’s why his itinerary in terms of where and when he is going to be isn’t typically announced until the last minute. That’s because Justin is getting a little weary of this sort of reception:

Gee… it looks like even the canine contingency despises Trudeau these days. Jolly good for Fido, I say, who is once again proving that a dog is truly man’s best friend.

The crux of the matter regarding that one-day layoff of electricians and carpenters and assorted other real men and women building things with their hands was this: Trudeau’s handlers were terrified that Justin would be targeted with a middle finger… or someone would heckle him… or someone would unfurl one of those infamous “F Trudeau” flags.

Oh, we can’t have that, can we? Justin is very sensitive, you know.

So, in order to protect his uber-sensitive eyes and ears, GM management actually sent more than 200 hard-working Canadians home on Monday merely on the suspicion that somebody might misbehave..

Ohhh, and they weren’t the only ones sent home that day. Because even though myself and Lincoln had invites from Erin Strulovitch, she/her, a GM Senior Communications Manager, a not-so-funny thing happened en route to the Ingersoll plant: by the time we got there, we were deemed persona non grata and told to beat it.

Oh by the way, here’s a photo of Erin Strulovitch she/her…

Do you think that anyone has ever mistaken Erin Strulovitch she/her for a he/him or a zee/zir or a tem/ters or a vis/vers or an e/em? By the way, folks, I’m not making up this pronoun crapola – I’m referencing this from some LGBTQ resource centre. Oh death, where is thy sting?

Anyway, once we arrived on-site, a lady with a clipboard – forgive me, I don’t know if this person was a she/her or not – tersely informed us that we weren’t allowed to take part in the press event – even though we showed her the printed invitations sent to us from Ms. Strulovitch she/her. Then along came another security person told who told us to scram… or else, you guessed it – we’d face trespassing charges from law enforcement.

What the hell? It seemed like Lincoln and I had devolved from invited guests into the Butabi Brothers from A Night at the Roxbury – you know, those lovable losers who can never make it past the gatekeeper because they are never on the list.

Yeah, that’s pretty much how Lincoln and I felt – except unlike the Butabi brothers, we WERE on the list!

So it was that under threat of arrest, we decided to exit the parking lot, which is indeed private property.

That’s because we know that Justin Trudeau has no problem with utilizing violence, as the unnecessary invocation of the Emergencies Act proved.

Indeed, almost exactly a year to the day, we found out that Justin’s Royal Canadian Mounted Henchmen don’t take kindly to pesky independent media people who might be prone to ask impolite questions of Prime Minister Blackface McGroper. Check out this video from last December outside the Brickworks Ciderhouse in Toronto last December. And keep in mind that Lincoln and I were on a public sidewalk and posed absolutely no threat to anyone.

Absolutely egregious. And the biggest question is this: did Trudeau actually order his stooges to rough up me like that? It’s hard to believe that Justin’s minions would spontaneously and collectively act like that, wouldn’t you say? I can never prove my hypothesis, of course – unless one of those Mounties stepped forward to do the tight thing and confess to what happened that night. But alas, that would not be a smart financial move for that Mountie now, would it?

Speaking of being financially comprised, that brings us to the legacy press. As we full know, the media watchdogs have now devolved into lapdogs. And yesterday, they were A. welcomed into the GM plant for the press conference; and B. did not raise a fuss about the independent media being barred. And C. did not report that 200-plus tradespeople were sent home without pay. Oh, and D. did not give one-second worth of coverage to the people who assembled outside the Ingersoll plant to protest against Justin Trudeau.

Yep, nothing to see here, folks… Oh and by the way, so adverse is Trudeau to protesters that his motorcade took back routes to the GM plant and entered via the back entrance as opposed to the main entrance. What a wimp!

Incidentally, the very same day we were getting the bum’s rush in Ingersoll, Blacklock’s Reporter published a very disturbing story regarding what was happening to them.

If you’re not familiar with Blacklock’s, you should get to know this superb independent media outlet. Like Rebel News, Blacklock’s doesn’t take Trudeau bailout and bribe money. Indeed, this outlet often blows the whistle on the mainstream vipers who gladly whore themselves out to the Liberal Party of Canada. But they are very thin-skinned, these legacy media types. And they are prone to carrying out vendettas in order to server their political puppet masters.

Check out this story entitled: “Blacklock’s Eviction by Police.”

“Parliamentary Press Gallery executives accompanied by armed police on Friday evicted Blacklock’s. All questions were referred to a House of Commons employee. Blacklock’s said the eviction, first of its kind in the history of the National Press Building, was clear reprisal over its continued protests against media subsidies.

“Eviction followed Gallery president Guillaume St-Pierre’s threat to “terminate” Blacklock’s membership. The eviction letter stated Blacklock’s managing editor Tom Korski was “impolite,” “disturbs the journalists around him” and “streams parliamentary committee hearings on his computer.”

“The complaints were made by three reporters: Emilie Bergeron and Michel Saba of Canadian Press and freelancer Hélène Buzzetti, a former Gallery president. Fourteen other reporters assigned desks in the National Press Building did not sign the complaint.

“Failure to observe these prohibitions could result in further and potentially more serious sanctions including further and potentially permanent prohibitions,” wrote President St-Pierre, correspondent for the Journal de Montréal.”

Oh, goodness gracious me! Blacklock’s employees were treated like criminals, perhaps even terrorists, because Korski is “impolite” and that he “disturbs the journalists around him.” Well, off his head, then!

But wait, there’s more:

“Blacklock’s is the only Press Gallery member eligible for federal subsidies that neither solicits nor accepts government funding. The eviction came one day after Blacklock’s published Access To Information records detailing a private meeting between 35 unnamed publishers and the Canada Revenue Agency on distribution of $595 million in subsidies.” Wow! Hey, whatever happened to that old media chestnut, “the public has the right to know”? Oh, that mantra is deader than disco when it comes to the lamestream media having ITS dirty laundry displayed in public. Every outlet from Torstar to Global News would rather Canadians NOT know about their filthy lucre coming in via the PMO. What a disgrace.

But Blacklock’s is like Rebel News in that it does not bend the knee, it does not get intimidated, it does not fly the white flag of surrender. To wit:

“We will now see the Press Gallery in court,” Blacklock’s shareholders said in a statement. “Our subsidized competitors met in secret, plotted punitive measures over petty grievances and served an eviction notice accompanied by armed police. Their conduct is outrageous.”

This is indeed the sorry state of journalism in Justin Trudeau’s Democratic People’s Republic of Canada these days. First, he bribes the mainstream media to reinvent themselves as so many trained seals and stenographers. And for those unaccepting of the carrot, out comes the stick – figuratively and literally. And just wait to see what the Canadian free speech biosphere looks like should the Liberals be successful with their various bills to censor the Internet – for our protection, of course.

Trudeau more and more resembles a dictator; this great Dominion more and more resembles a banana republic… although we don’t grow bananas here, so let’s just call this nation a maple syrup republic, except its more sour than sweet…

Oh, incidentally, while Trudeau and Ford praised the Ingersoll plant for going all-EV, how odd that this would seem to be yet another case of, “do as we say, not as we do.”

Which is to say, did Blackface McGroper and Fat Bastard show up in electric vehicles? Are you kidding? Range anxiety is for the ham and eggers out there. These esteemed leaders get around in Chevy Suburbans and Ford Expeditions – you know, V8-festooned super-sized SUVs that aren’t powered via dilithium crystals but good old fashioned fossil fuels. And keep the engines running, Jeeves – we wouldn’t want Justin’s precious arse to be greeted by cold leather seats post-press conference, would we now?

As for what was said at that press conference, you’ll have to reference a mainstream media report for all the self-congratulatory details given that we were banished from the event under threat of arrest, even though, as previously stated, we had been invited.

But when it comes to GM choosing to honour an invitation or kowtowing to Justin Trudeau, well, it’s really a no-brainer for the General to act unethically and immorally.

After all, should GM go bankrupt again and require yet ANOTHER taxpayer bailout, you really don’t want to make an enemy out of your Ottawa-based Sugar Daddy, do you?

And for decades now, GM has not been run by rocket scientists.

Indeed, go back to the 1960s, and GM’s North American market share hovered around 50%. That’s staggering. One out of every two cars on the road was manufactured by the General. Today? GM’s market share is less than 16%.

And consider this: the last time General Motors skidded into Chapter 11 was 2009. According The Harvard Business Review, the reasons were many. Including:

  • GM makes cars people don’t want
  • GM is too slow to innovate because of its size
  • GM is too bureaucratic and unable to adjust to changing markets
  • GM’s dealer network is too large
  • GM sold off its formerly profitable financing business GMAC

Oh, and one more thing: GM had stopped making a profit since 2005. Indeed, since 2005 to the first quarter of 2009, GM had lost a staggering $90 billion – U.S.!

In the here and now, GM is gambling – big time – on electrification. The company has stated that by 2035 – which isn’t that far away – 100% of its vehicles will be electric.

But what if this strategy does not pan out for a multitude of reasons? What if GM yet again craps out on its business strategy?

Well, that’s where government comes into play. GM, as the saying goes, is “too big to fail.” So if it goes belly-up in the years ahead, federal governments on both sides of the border will yet again bail out this bloated behemoth with YOUR tax dollars.

All of which is to say that GM unprofessionally revoking its invitations to Lincoln and I – and then threatening to arrest us – that was a no-brainer. We’re just a couple of schlubs that are part of the yucky independent press. But the Liberal Party of Canada? Don’t want to offend those cats. After all, in 2035 they might still be in office or returned to office. And if GM needs yet another bailout, it might be a really, really, good thing to play nice with the politicians cutting the cheques…

GUEST: Ian Miles Cheong on the latest regarding Wikipedia removing the Twitter Files from its site.
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