We're getting to the truth about what's really going on with Russia's war with Ukraine

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In this episode, Ezra Levant is joined by Rebel News investigative journalist Jeremy Loffredo who is currently on assignment in Russia to get to the truth about what's really going on with the war in Ukraine.

In a candid conversation filmed before Jeremy embarked on the trip, Ezra discusses the challenges involved in setting foot on Russian soil to report on current events in a nation where nosy journalists can wind up in jail — or even dead.

Jeremy's goal as an independent reporter is to find answers to important questions about the country's war with its neighbor, the impact of Western sanctions on ordinary Russians and their thoughts on Putin’s “mobilization” — his word for conscription.

Now after weeks of preparation, Jeremy has finally landed in Moscow after having to fly through Turkey, because there are no direct flights allowed anymore.

The pair discuss the logistics involved in applying for a visa and other unusual paperwork required to put boots to ground as well as finding trustworthy translators and a “fixer” to help drive Jeremy around and to help smooth things over he encounters police.

Rebel News has also hired a Russian criminal lawyer in Moscow, just in case (God forbid) Jeremy gets arrested.

For full coverage including daily updates from Jeremy visit www.RussianReports.com and if you can support this expensive assignment, please do

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